Daily Prompt: Dubious Times

Clouds 13.11 (18)

If I had been told when I was younger that one day I would be living in a place with a view like this from the back yard, I would not have believed them. They were the places that you see on the films on the TV or in the cinema, they were not real. Crops growing in a field just a walk away? The only thing that grew wild in East London, the center of the concrete jungle, were dandelions and weeds sprouting on the bombed sites left from the war. And cows as neighbours? It happened because I wanted to go places and see other things. I had no doubt, I just did it.

Although I am a doubting Thomas basically. My dad always said he only believed what he saw which was a little exaggerated because he believed all the rubbish that the newspapers printed. Today we call it fake news, but dad was convinced it was true. My mother-in-law had the same syndrome and she lived in another country, speaking a different language, but journalism has its own language, it wants to convince.

If you want to buy something then do not rely on internet with all the various summaries and advice, because you will become confused. I am convinced that the various manufacturers pay for various sites to promote their goods. On the other hand you have to be able to believe something somewhere and so let’s go back to the good old common sense and your own opinion which seems to be a forgotten article today. We are so being influenced by money and power.

Anyone look at facebook? That is a wonderful example of what not to believe. How is it that a camera is filming just at the right moment in time when dogs or cats, or other animals are performing a once in a lifetime stunt? Do the animals see the man with the camera and decide to become famous in facebook. I do not think so, it is all a so-called scam, organised to attract people to watch. And why do the accidents happen in Facebook. Someone is standing on the river edge and suddently they fall in the river. Perhaps there is an attempt at a gymnastic exercise where the person doing it falls in a silly stupid way. The tricks played with the toddlers that are eventually perhaps injured and cry really annoy me but it is all very dubious. Do the parents actually organise their kids to be hurt? And of course the camera is again in the right place at the right time.

I am gradually getting like my dad who only believed what he saw, but I still do not believe newspapers, I just read them and form my own opinion. Did Mr. Putin meddle in the American elections although Mr. Trump is now convinced that he did not.  Theresa May of Great Britain is also sure that Mr. Putin steered the British elections. I have a sneaking suspicion hat somewhere someone is earning money with this dubious news.

Did I write this blog myself? Believe what you want to.

Daily Prompt: Dubious Times