FOWC with Fandango: Drive

Since last year, it was May or June, I no longer have a car. I begun to drive at the age of 38 in Switzerland where I took my test. I was never one of those excited drivers that just had to have a car. I needed it to get to work and shopping. In the first years I even took it on holiday. I had one son in my car and Mr. Swiss the other son in his car when we drove to the Bernese Overland.

I no longer have a car. It is now the time perhaps to confess why I no longer have a car. I drove over a red light and had a crash with the guy coming from the right. There is no excuse, it was my fault. I had a broken tyre and a demolished left front wing. The other guy just had a few scratches and a dent, although to be quite honest I have no idea. I managed to drag the car to an island in the road and sitting half stunned I realised that a police lady was taking photos of the damage, whilst another policemen in another police car was sweeping the glass from the road.

The police were very kind, in face of the circumstances, and first asked if I was OK. I said physically yes, but mentally no. Cut a long story short. My car was towed away by a garage and I was invited into the police van. They drove me to my garage which was quite near and my garage gave me a car to use.So after the accident I was on the road again with no problem.

One thing lead to another. My car was repaired, I had a full coverage insurance, but did I want to drive. Of course there were repercussions from the legal side, I had a fine to pay and my driving licence would have been taken away for three months. However, I got there first. I realised that I no longer had the confidence to drive, I was just plain scared behind the wheel, and I gave back my licence. I am handicapped which does not help and most probably I would have to take my driving test again. I was sure I would not pass. There was also the problem of seeing a specially appointed doctor appointed by the public prosecuter.

And that is why I no longer drive a car, and have absolutely no wish to. The photo is when I took my newly repaired car to the motor vehicle inspection to have it allowed on the road again. It passed and I could have driven with it but no interest in driving again. I am now happy with my scooter and electric wheelchair and online grocery deliveries. At the age of 74 I have no intention of driving ever again.

FOWC with Fandango: Drive