Daily Prompt: Disagree – some of the time?

Feldbrunnen Langendorf 26.09 (6)

Whilst we were waiting to be able to cross the road with the car, we had to wait until these three gentlemen had finished their important discussion about where to block the road today. Every day it is blocked in another place. For a week pedestrians were even prevented from crossing the road. The majoritiy of pedestrians in our area are golden oldens like myself, because the others have cars and drive to work. We golden oldies were isolated in the village with no other possibilities than to climb over a wooden barrier, step over a mini stone wall and hope that you would not get killed by a car approaching on the main road. We survived, but it was not easy. However, it was good senior gymastic training. Mr. Swiss always takes the lead standing in the middle of the road and holding up his right arm. This is a magical way of stopping all the traffic to allow us to pass, but they do not always stop.

This morning he made the remark that since I walk with a cane it is much easier, because people always stop for me or go to one side. Today was the day of freedom. I heard some irritating motor noises early yesterday morning and this morning. Mr. Swiss tells me the barriers have now been removed. We are free again, no more exile from the rest of the world, until they decide to repair something else.

Feldbrunnen Langendorf 26.09 (23)

We eventually managed to escape from the village in the car to go on a shopping trip to the nearby supermarket in one of the next villages. Everything went well, and Mr. Swiss decided to take the scenic route home. This was a mistake. Just as we approached the top of the hill the one way traffic light change to red. At least I had a chance to take a few photos.

If you are thinking about driving through Switzerland in the summer holidays, then forget it. At the moment our street repairs are gradually coming to an end. The current situation is a way of using up the spare funds that the local governments have at their disposal. We will soon be surrounded with snow and ice, which means no repair work being done. At the beginning of the next year there will be a survey on what went kaput in the last Winter, and it will all begin again in March through to October, when the roads will again only be passable on one side. Water from the rain, snow and ice freezes when it melts and expands forming large cracks in the road surface. At last we have work again for the men in orange. They had been busy ploughing snow away through the Winter and wondering what to do in summer, but no problem. The cracks must be reparied, another village isolated from its surroundings and the farmers are glad to have enough hay in the barn to feed the cows without having to organise an air lift.

Sorry, not much more to say. I am such a peace loving person and Mr. Swiss agrees to everything I say most of the time I think. Sometimes speaking two different languages has its advantages.

Daily Prompt: Disagree – some of the time?