Daily Prompt: Delivering the post

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 07.12 (29)

“Boss we have a problem.”

“I don’t have any problems Fred, why are you calling me”

“I don’t mean we, you and me, I mean our postal service.”

“OK, tell me about it.”

“I was on my way as usual in the morning with the post delivering the letters from the trolley. I always park the trolley on the roadside when I have my morning break.”

“You park the post on the roadside? You can take your break when you have finished distributing the letters.”

“But I found such a good place, just opposite a small restaurant. I can keep my eye on the post and have a coffee at the same time. This morning I was talking to Rosie, the waitress in the restaurant and really I only took my eyes off the post for a few seconds. When I finished my coffee I saw that the trolley had disappeared. It was no longer there, with all the letters.”

“You did what Fred? You have mislaid a complete daily post just for a few words with a waitress in a restaurant. You are employed to deliver the post, to guard it with your life, so what are you going to do now?”

“That’s why I am calling you boss, I thought you might have a idea.”

*I have a very good idea, find it.”

“But I don’t know where to look. I have been parking the post for the last ten years in the same place, and no-one has ever stolen it, although the emergency is over.”

“You found the post.”

“It seems that Joe found it and thought it was his trolley.”

“Joe also parks his post in the morning when taking his coffee break.”

“Yes, always next to mine and Jack’s.”

“So where is Joe’s trolley?”

“No problem, he had to go home quickly, because he forgot his sandwiches and then he left his trolley at home. Then he saw my trolley and thought it was his, but now everything is sorted. I have my trolley again with the post and it is now parked where it is always parked in the morning and Joe’s wife called him to say he had forgotten the post at his home.”

“Oh good, the town’s post will be delivered. What about Jack’s post?”

“No problem, Jack’s post trolley is also there, next to Jim’s. I just have to finish my coffee and Joe will finished his sandwiches and we will be off. Sorry to distrub you boss.”

“No problem Fred, I am glad that our postal system is in such responsable and capable hands. It seems that the whole team are parking their trolleys every morning in the same place. Would you perhaps like me to fix a remote on your trolley to make it easier for you to find amongst the others in the future?”

“Yes boss, that would be great, save a lot of problems.”

“And give Rosie my best wishes.”

Daily Prompt: Delivering the Post