December Photo a Day Challenge: 28. Clocks, Watches

watch 006

I live in Switzerland but it doesn’t mean that I am a watch expert. However, I do live in part of Switzerland where the watch reagion starts. We even still have the old holidays in Summer known as “watchmakers holidays” when the factories would be closed for three weeks. Today no longer so actual as many of the established watch companies no longer exist.

However one watch stayed with me. It was developed under the name of the designer Michel Jordi and there was a version representing each Kanton of Switzerland.  The one in the photo is mine, a wonderful Christmas gift many years ago from Mr. Swiss. It represents the Kanton of Schwyz with its snow crystal pattern on the dial. There was even the watch strap with embroidered edelweiss flowers. I still have my watch, although I no longer wear it. They are no longer being made, the company had financial problems and no longer exists, but I am still proud to own one.

December Photo a Day Challenge: 28. Clocks, Watches

December Photo a Day Challenge: 25. Home, Family


Take a walk in the garden and look from the outside in. you see a home, where people live. A television is showing a picture and there is light. There is a table, somewhere in the background a computer and a walker waiting for its owner. Where is everyone? Sitting in the living room or in the kitchen, but they are at home.

December Photo a Day Challenge: 25. Home, Family

December Photo a Day Challenge: 24. Bokeh

A police check in Dagenham Heathway

This is what happens when you want to take an action photo on a busy road in London. The police had stopped a bus and were examining a few passengers. I was on the other side of the road, and the traffic was whizzing past., but you can see a few police in the picture.

December Photo a Day Challenge: 24. Bokeh