RDP Monday: Daylight


I get enough daylight when I am on my way to the store in the afternoon. I took a few photos today from the entrance of the store and what do I see? The first thing you see are the bicycle stands opposite the entrance of the supermarket. On the right is a building which actually houses the village Kindergarten. Of course the whole thing is bordered by the ever present Jura mountain range.


On the other side is the top floor of the parking spaces for cars and shopping trolleys, not forgetting the special trolleys for the kids that seem to resemble small trucks. And behind them are the three reserved parking spaces for the handicapped, although I rarely use them but prefer to drive further to the side of the supermarket next to another entrance direct to the grocery department where there are 6 reserved spaces.

Today was a particularly sunny day with hard shadows everywhere, but such weather makes it all worth while to go places.


And now it is gradually evening and we are rewarded with yet another glorious sunset.

RDP Monday: Daylight