RDP #45: Kerfuffle

Harvester 13.07 (2)

As the farmer came around the corner the crows almost got into panic. Their quiet organised life on the wheat fields was being threatened. They used to be able to hop around picking up insects and even having a peck on what was growing, although that was not the farmer’s intention. After ploughing the field and planting the corn (a noisy machine was the crows impression) the corn had grown to a suitable crow sized beak full and now in one day it was all being removed.

Harvester 13.07 (6)

“Caw, look at that, a real murder of good stuff if I ever saw it.”

“No, boss, the murder are we but no problem. The bits and pieces are falling back onto the field, so what could be better.”

“Of course, let’s go for an investigation, if it woke us up, then there will definitely be a few beetles and other tasty insects to feed on that have also been disturbed in their underground munching sessions.”

And so the crows did a call out and they all came flocking together.

Crows 13.07 (22)

“But where’s the corn.”

“Boss, who needs corn, when the bugs and grubs and worms have all been disturbed by the noise, this is great.”

“Ok, but don’t caw with your mouth full, it is bad manners and I cannot understand you.”

And so the crows made the most of the feast.

Crows 13.07 (6)

“Just a minute where did that lot come from, they ain’t crows.”

“No we are not crows, but there is no notice on this field saying “For crows only, so out the way, the first ones are the quickest.”

There was a small disagreement, but the crows won as always. You just don’t mess with a crow. Things calmed down and the harvested wheat was organised into neat bundles on the field, the table was laid and the various birds made the most of it, before it disappeared.

Crows 13.07 (3)
Eventually everything was quiet, not a caw or other bird squeak could be heard, they were all busy digesting the unexpected feast on the laid table. The farmer had finished his job and would be back to collect the harvest. “Every year the same excitement” he thought. As soon as I appear with my tractor there is one big kerfuffle in the air and then they settle on the field to see what is left for them.

“Look boss, the farmer is going.”

“OK murder, carry on and don’t forget to bring something back to the nest for the babies. And let us not forget, next year: same time and same place.”

RDP #45: Kerfuffle

JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Party

Crows 07.10 (10)

Caw Caw

They said it would be a halloween party, food and drink supplied. Just dress for the occasion, black preferred, and bring your own bird. There will be organised flights and caws. Everyone is welcome, just make sure that the magpies stay away, they get greedy, especially if they see something twinkling somewhere. We crows are a closed group, we are a genuine murder .

NW’s Halloween Challenge: Party

Good Morning

The Crow
This is not today’s crow that was wandering around the periphery of the garden looking for something to eat, but it does not matter really. Somewhere there is always a crow, but they do not always stop to wave a wing and say hello and pose for a photo. This might be the same crow that visits, although he usually arrives with a few tribe members, there is always safety in numbers I suppose. He is one of the noises I hear in the morning when I wake. We do not have the dawn chorus yet, it is too early in the year, but by the time May arrives, we will be serenaded with the entire bird population to make sure the humans know they are there.

I slept a little longer this morning, not too much as I still have an alarm next to the bed. The nice thing about is, is that I can ignore it and sleep further, which is very good in theory. Practice is I leave my warm bed after a few minutes to begin the daily routine. I did not sleep immediately last night, but at some time between dusk and dawn I fell into a state of oblivion. I also heard my furry feline this morning doing her morning exercise in the appartment and meowing now and again. My furry feline decided to greet me with a hair ball this morning, but it was not ball shaped. Luckily Mr. Swiss saw it first, so it was removed.

I also heard the sound of someone pushing some sort of movable trolley on the path outside. I think our neighbours are still transporting the remainders of the lawn they removed. The next sound was my water boiler which I almost forgot tp switch on. Making my tea is the first habit of the day and now I am ready to go, although I am not sure where.

Today they will let me out to visit the supermarket, although I have not yet even thought about making a list. I am sure family Angloswiss will not starve. Today I have nothing on my calendar that is important.

Have a good one everybody, and do not forget to perhaps paste a few words on the way. I seem to be writing my autobiography in WordPress. I will have to ensure the copyright. I don’t want anyone making money out of it when I am in the next dimension.


Sunday morning and the world is OK

spring flowers
It was looking OK the last time I looked out of the window. My hyacinths are celebrating their third year as well as the daffodils under the watchful eye of my King Frog. I was going to present you with a photo of two giant crows walking around on the lawn and performing their daily territory inspection. Unfortunately crows have a sort of built in radar system which tells them that the human opposite will now be opening her window, enter their territory and taking photos with a sort of telephone-camera thingy. It is then that they walk away out of range.

I know I could follow them, but at 8.30 in the morning dressed in night attire I do not walk around in my garden.It is not a normal thing, especially in Switzerland on Sunday morning and you could have problems with the authorities. The crows have joined their tribe and are probably watching me from their pole position in the tree. I am sure they will return when I have disappeared from my lookout post from the kitchen.

It looks like it will be a sunny day today and hopefully warmer. I hear the sounds of the vacuum cleaner, so Mr. Swiss is busy removing the remains of yesterday. I will follow him when I am finished with my morning report. For those interested, todays menu for lunch is veal breast slices, slow cooking method with sage and rosemary from my garden together with carrots, celariac and leek. It will be served with three coloured noodles (red, green and natural) and I will probably add a little cream to the sauce.

And now to the work. Unfortunately the cook has his day off today so I have to do it all myself.

I have a funny feeling about this Halloween thing


It’s not that I am superstitious, not really and I live in a country that has no halloween, so we do not trick, treat or dress up in funny clothes and pretend to be a vampire, ghoul or ghost. We carry our skeletons hidden underneath the skin. Of course, if you take a walk across the cemetery at midnight you might be surprised with what you see, but then I do not walk across the cemetery at midnight, only on an afternoon walk.

So talking of afternoon walks, it all happened per chance. Mr. Swiss had an appointment with our garage. It is Autumn and our car had to have his new feet, sorry tyres, to cope with the ice and snow that might/will appear on our roads. So Mr. Swiss disappeared with the car telling me he would walk back from the garage. The car will be ready to pick up tomorrow morning. He left me writing my daily prompt blog and afterwards I had to write the daily feline blog that Tabby was dictating. I decided that a walk from the garage would take about 10 minutes and after more than an hour I found that either Mr. Swiss had been kidnapped, had an accident or had met someone. Knowing that he was not worth the ransom money and accidents always happen by fate I decided he had met someone and gone for a walk. My legs needed exercise after my writing marathon and I wanted some fresh air, so I put on my walking shoes, wrapped myself up and embarked on a walk. And now to the mysteries. First of all I met these magic mushrooms growing out of a tree trunk. I took their photo. I was sure that they were following me with their heads as I moved further along.


And then I heard the birds, they were crows flying in formation over the trees. As I was approaching a tree on the bank of the river they landed and turned to watch me. I was convinced they were watching every move I made. A figure passed my way: an elderly short man, rather plump with receding hair, yes he was almost bald. He nodded as he passed by and I am sure I heard him say “Beware of the birds”. Yes he was a lookalike Alfred Hitchcock. I moved on and decided it was all a figment of my imagination. In Autumn there are mushrooms and the birds often settle on the same tree. It was then that I saw the lambs, or were they sheep? They were too far away, on the hill, to tell exactly what they were. I decided that a photo would be better at a closer angle and so on my return walk I would take the stairs to the top of the hill and make my photos.

I noticed that the sky was darkening due to the fact that I could sleep one hour more yesterday. I think I blogged about that, as I blog about everything. It was now almost twilight and the sky had a red glow in the distance.

Along the river Aar

I then began the ascent to the top of the hill and now the lambs or sheep were silent. They were still there and waiting. I was glad as it was a very good opportunity to take a photo or two or three. I had many steps to take in the ascent but being a fit golden oldie, it was only by the first step that I felt a painful twinge in my hip joint. Afterwards my hip decided to behave and I reached the top and there they were. I had an uneasy feeling as I took their photo. Their eyes seem to be following my every move. They did not smile for the camera, they were as silent as – well lambs, but they were sheep and silent sheep are not a good omen.

Sheep along the river Aar

I decided not to outstay my welcome and moved on. I was not running as sheep are know to copy and they also might have started to run. I noticed they were still silent and I  could feel their eyes following every move I made. Eventually I reached the path to home. Mr. Swiss was glad to see me. He reminded me that when he arrived home I was not there, no note, no signal that I had gone somewhere. I told him I had my iPhone with me and he found I could have called him. He reminded me that when he lets me out on my own all sorts of things could happen. I could fall and have an accident. It was now dark and evening was approaching. I decided not to tell him about the birds, the magic mushrooms or the silence of the sheep. It would have caused more worry. Oh and Mr. Swiss met someone on his way back from the garage. He had taken a walk through the cemetery on his way home. There is something about this halloween thing I am sure.

Mystery Ending

This weekly writing challenge focuses on the “weekly” part — start your post today, and build on it for the next four before publishing. Who knows where you’ll end up?

Crow on a Lamp Post in Feldbrunnen

1. Start your Post

A cool breeze blew through the grass, the blades waving in rhythm to the air currents. The air was filled with a meadow scent, a mixture of wild flowers and earth. The crow landed on the grass and Merle smiled. Her crow had returned . Each summer the crow returned and each summer she would await the arrival. Was it the same crow, or perhaps another crow hatched from the egg of last year’s crow? She felt a relationship to this large black bird. It was comforting to know the bird was near, almost a protection. “Craw” gave the bird from its beak, a soft murmer. Merle smiled and reached out a hand. The crow grew nearer and rub its head on her palm. She lay back with her arms folded beneath her head and the crow pecked amongst the grass blades, probably searching for a worm. in moments like this, Merle felt that she was one with the crow. She shared its thoughts, its feelings and when it rose to a flight she was with the crow looking down on the fields where a river might run through them. The crow swooped and picked a haselnut from a bush. It landed on the ground and found a stone where it would cast the nut, not once but many times, until it burst and the fruit appeared. “Well done crow” said Merle and the crow ate the nut. Yes, they were one. Merle was not quite sure why. Her mother told her, it was not important, one day she would know the truth about her family and the crows.

Merle was flying over the hills again with the crow. She could hear the regular beating of his wings and felt light, weightless, she was a feather in the wind. And then she awoke. She was resting again on the grass, the crow pecking around her, but she felt different.

2. add a quote from a conversation you had with someone today

“Did I really fly with the crow or did I dream.”

Another crow flew to her side and pecked her arm gently.

“You were flying my daughter. “When sleeping women wake, mountains move”, and you moved a mountain.”

“Mother, you are now a crow.”

“Yes my child, I am your mother and with your father I will guard you until our time comes.Daughter you are awake, you are with us, your past is now your present.”

3. add something related to what your childhood self wanted to be when you grew up, or a dream you have for your future.

Merle ruffled her feathers. She had feathers, she had wings, she had bright beady eyes and she hovered above the ground. She had awoken from her dreamtime, she was no longer woman, but crow and she could fly.

Wait a minute, I am a crow and live in a crow family. No, no way. I am human and remember going to school and learning everything for my future life. They taught us that birds were birds and humans were humans, but not how to fly and peck at insects for food.

“Hey mum, what is this all about and how come I can do it all.? and who is that strange crow that always hovers around me when I take a sleep in the grass.”

“Yes, well perhaps that is the problem. He is your father Merle.”

“But I though my dad died.”

“He sort of did, but afterwards remained as a crow. He was a crow man.”

“The others?”

“Merle do not ask too many questions. I became a chandeling  crow as well and you were a fledgling. Now you have also become a crow and we crows stick together.”

4. add a reference to something currently in your refrigerator.

“I need something to eat to digest all this fastasy stuff. I think there is some peanut butter in the fridge.”

“Caw… bring me some, I love peanut butter.”

“Who cawed that?” asked Merle

“You father, I am the chief crow. Your mother only bought peanut butter for me. Bring the whole jar, we can share it with the other crows in the tribe.”

“Hold on, just a minute dad. We are now all crows and I have to get the peanut butter for everyone. What is this, a reheasal for the latest Walt Disney film. And how comes you have never shown your feathers up to now. I want to be a human.”

“I didn’t want to shock you. I thought if you realised your dad was an old crow, you might be unhappy.”

“No dad, I might not be unhappy, I am flaming annoyed. You and mum are really crows and now I am a crow. Get your own peanut butter in the supermarket. I cannot open the fridge door with wings. Fly in the supermarket and peck a jar from the shelf. How did this crow thing start?”

“My daughter” continued the crow father “it was in the olden days when the crow men walked the earth together with the humans. We lived together and enjoyed our life, but something went wrong and the humans refused to change their appearance and wanted to stay as humans. However, there were always exceptions, changelings, and so is your mother and you have inherited this special gift from her.”

“Great dad, so can I change back to a human, I have to go to school this afternoon, We have a maths test.”

“Sorry Merle, no changing back” said her mother. “You can only change once and no return.”

5. add something inspired by a song you heard today. If you didn’t hear any music, use something you read (and turn on the radio!).

Merle flew off in a hustle. She was annoyed, what a life. So she flew and flew until she found herself in another country. It was France and she was flying over the Tour de France, a well known bycycle race. They were nearing the final line and there was a racer out on his own on his bike. He was already waving his hands in the air to celebrate his victory . However, Merle had an irresistable urge to do something that all birds do in flight, but the man at the front was determine to win, no matter what. He won the race even though his sunglasses were splattered with white bird droppings. It was a miracle that he found the final line.

Merle flew off and decided that crow life was not so bad after all. She was free, could do what she wanted to, and there were enough worms and slugs to eat. She could even leave her mark on important events. She had become famous as the crow that nearly caused the winner of the Tour de France to lose the race.

Weekly Writing Challenge: Mystery Ending – Crows

Daily Prompt: Favourite Mistakes

Is there a mistake you’ve made that turned out to be a blessing — or otherwise changed your life for the better? Tell us all about it.


We have a tribe of crows that live where I live, not exactly. I live in an apartment and they inhabit the trees. Now and again the chief crow says “let’s go for a flight” and all the other crows say “Yes, what fun” and they fly altogether in a formation over the area where I live.  The chief crow squawks “Everyone to the left” and they all fly to the left. Then he says “time for a break” which seems to mean fly two circles and land on the nearest tree branch. It is really a shame he does not say “Hey, she is standing in the garden with the camera, everyone hold it in the air over her head, smile and give her the chance for the Pulitzer prize photo”, so they just fly on.

This week the chief crow took pity on me. He said to one of his tribe, “land in a tree near the lady with the camera once and stay there until she has had a chance to take her prize winning photo” and that was how this photo came into existence. The chief crow is now a little annoyed with this member of the tribe. I distinctly hear him sqawk,  “I said once and not every evening” as it seems this crow decided he wanted to make sure his photo would appear at least on my blog, and now he regularly sits on the tree branch waiting for me to take a photo. I now have at least ten photos of this crow in my collection. The crow made a mistake by disobeying his chief, but he has now become famous and I have been able to practice with crow photos.

I have absolutely nothing to offer on this theme. I do not make mistakes, unless I make them on purpose. It is logical, if you do something and do it wrong, and do not like doing it, the chances are that you will not be asked again – female logic. Basically I am perfect, although Mr. Swiss is a better driver than I am, can speak better Swiss German and plays drums better than I can, although I can play piano better than he can. He also makes a very good apricot flan – her it is, there still some left (see yesterday’s daily prompt).

Apricot Flan by Mr. Swiss

At the moment Mr. Swiss is occupied with television. This evening Switzerland plays their first World Cup soccer game again Ecuador and he will be cheering them on to win. Let us hope they make no mistakes and only create blessings.

Daily Prompt: Favourite Mistakes – I do not make mistakes, I am just misunderstood sometimes

The Crows

„Well I never, looks like they found the old Crows house after so many years.“ and Grandad Joe Walker read on in the newspaper.

During work involving the construction of the new motorway connection from North to South a large portion of the forest had to be removed. The contractors stumbled upon an old cottage containing human remains of a female whose age is to be determined and many bird skeletons, mainly that of crows. Investigations are being continued.

“Grandfather do you know something about that house and what they found.”

“Jackie, don’t bother your grandfather when he is reading the newspaper.” and Joyce Walker carried on with her preparations for Sunday lunch.

“No, it’s ok Joyce, I am probably one of the few in these parts who knows what it’s all about. Nearly forgot the whole thing myself. My father told me the story when I was about the same age as our Jackie, too young to earn money but old enough to spend it” my dad always said.

“Did you hear mum, grandad said he will tell me about the house they found” and her brown eyes sparkled with curiosity..

“OK, Jackie but don’t have any bad dreams” her mother said “some of those stories grandad tells can be quite colourful sometimes.”

And grandad began. 

Many years ago there was an old manor house in our village, exactly in the place where we now have the town hall, up on the hill. It was one of those large buildings with a driveway big enough for the horse-drawn carriages going to and fro. A lot of people worked at the house and it belonged to one of the oldest family names in the district, the Grants. There are still some tombs in the old church graveyard bearing their names.

The lord of the manor was Silas Grant and he had a few children, most of them marrying into other wealthy families in the area. His youngest son was also called Silas, known as Silas Junior and because he was the youngest he was spoilt by all. Anything Silas Junior wanted he got, almost everything. He was quite partial to one of the housemaids, known as Jayne, but she did not want to know anything about Silas. Silas was one of those young men that never really had any friends.

At school he was disliked by all the other boys. He was a bully and was often involved in fights where he knew no limits. Once he nearly killed a boy, just because the boy had new boots and Silas wanted them. There was big trouble at the school, but Silas Senior sorted things out promising Silas Junior that he would buy him the same boots. This was not enough, oh no, Silas Junior wanted those boots that his school colleague had, so they were bought from the boys family and were given to Silas and then his youngest son was happy. The boy at school nearly lost the sight of one eye, but that did not matter. They were farmer’s people, labourers, and were not worth the trouble to bother with. Silas Senior gave the family money for the boots and that was the end to it.

As Silas Junior got older he had his eye on one of the housemaids, but she did not want him. It was Jayne Pankhurst, the prettiest girl in the village. Now Silas was not handsome, he seemed to have inherited all the bad signs of the Grant family. His eyes were dark, almost menacing, and his nose was the biggest feature on his face. Indeed if you saw him you were automatically drawn to looking at his nose and wondering whether he saw over it to the ground. His lower lip hung down to make room for his overlarge teeth. Yes, Silas was just plain ugly. My father told me never to judge on how someone looks, it is what is inside that counts, but in the case of Silas, even what was inside was the lowest form of human life known.

It was not surprising that Jayne Pankhurst ignored his advances and avoided him when she could. The cook at the manor, Betty Bagnall, saw that Silas was always hanging around where Jayne was and did her best to protect Jayne but Betty had her own cottage in the near bye forest and could not be there to protect Jayne all the time.

One fateful evening Silas came home from the inn as drunk as ever. It was a stormy night, the heavens had opened and the thunder was loud enough to sound as if the world was coming to an end. The lightening lit up the halls of the manor as if it was daylight. Silas entered the manor and made his way to the quarters where the maids slept calling for Jayne Pankhurst to give him dry clothes and bring him something to eat. Jayne knew that disobedience towards the lord’s family would be punished with loss of the job, so she hastily left her bedroom throwing a shawl over her shoulders and went to see to the needs of Silas Junior.

He needed more than clean clothes, and he dragged Jayne to his room by her hair threw her on is bed and exercised the privilege he was convinced that all property owners had over their servants. Jayne called for help but no-one heard and came to her rescue. She was only sixteen years old and had no chance against such a brute.. She told Betty the cook the next morning what had happened. Betty was shocked and told Jayne to pack her bag and move in with her in her cottage. Jayne decided this was her only chance that it would not re-occur.

After some time Jayne noticed that she was expecting a child from Silas, as a result of that night and told Betty. Betty told Jayne she would help where she could and so she looked after Jayne as well as she could. Jayne carried on working at the manor and by wearing her apron the change in her figure was not noticed by the other servants. One evening Jayne was shaken by pain and the cook knew that the time had come for the birth. She did what she could, but Jayne died during the birth of her daughter.

Betty Bagnall decided to take things in hand. She went to Silas Senior at the manor and told him what had happened hoping he would take pity and at least look after the baby girl that had been born. Although Silas was not surprised, he told Betty he could not take the responsibility of the child, after all the servant Jayne should have known better and it was all her fault. Silas Junior had no chance when the housemaid had made advances to him. Betty was furious but knew that against the Grant family she had no chance.

She organised the burial of Jayne at the local church. It was a dismal day, the heaven was hung with black clouds and it started raining in torrents. At the moment when the coffin was lowered into the grave Betty was furious and swore an oath that Silas Grant junior would meet his doom in a terrible way that he would suffer as Jayne had suffered. She said this in a voice that all heard and together with a clap of thunder a cloud of black crows arose from the trees in the forest. All at the funeral were terrified by this occurrence and ran home as quickly as they could leaving Betty at the open grave together with a large black crow sitting beside her.

When Betty returned to her house the crow accompanied her flying above her head. The cook found this strange, but she had another problem, now that Jayne was no longer there, she had a baby girl to look after. She decided to keep the baby, not wanting that the baby would spend its childhood in an orphanage. She knew a woman in the village that had just given birth to a baby and would be only too glad to earn some extra money, so this woman was engaged as a wet nurse for the baby, Betty knowing that at least the little baby would have a chance to grow up on mother’s milk.

So life went on for Betty and the baby who was given the name of Emily. Emily was christened in the village church and once again there was a gathering of crows over the church, but this time not accompanied by stormy weather, but a beautiful summer day. Betty was again followed by the large black crow when she left the church. Actually Betty was a little bit disturbed by this reoccurrence as she had learned over the years that crows can contain the souls of someone that died when their soul could find not peace and if it was someone that had no peace, it would be Jayne.

Emily grew up and was a very pretty girl. Betty noticed that she had inherited her fathers eyes, very dark and a little fearsome. She had a certain wildness about her and spent most of her spare time outside in the forest. Betty’s crow was often perched on a tree in the cottage garden and Emily would feed it with scraps from the table. She had even managed to tame the crow and it would eat out of Emily’s hand. If Betty tried to feed it she was chased away by loud noises and pecking motions from the crow. Only Emily was allowed to be near the crow.

Betty had a wonderful herb garden and was known in the village for her potions and mixtures to cure various illnesses. The crop, fever, childbirth: these complaints were no problem for Betty and she had taught Emily how to make the various medicines, thinking that it would one day be something she could use. Emily was not allowed to go to school as she had no father and the village knew that her mother was never married. Such children were not welcome to be with others.

One day Emily had a request:

“Aunt Betty, I am now old enough to look after myself. I think I should now find work, perhaps at the manor.”

Betty was not very happy about the choice, but in the village it was the only place where work was to be found. She took Emily with her to the manor hoping that she would be given work in the kitchen, but the Grant family found that they only needed Betty for this work. By this time Silas Senior had passed on and it was Silas Junior that was in charge of the manor. In a way this was a streak of luck for Betty as Silas Junior had never been told of his daughter. Unfortunately the only work to be had in the house was as a private servant to Silas junior. This position was often vacant as it was difficult to keep a servant for his personal use.

Emily accepted the job but Betty told the manor that she would only work in this position when she could leave the manor in the evening and sleep in the cottage. This was accepted and Betty was glad. Whether Emily knew that Silas Junior was her father was never known, but she did her work well, leaving in the evening. She had also become well known in the village for her potions that she mixed with the herbs in the garden and Betty had handed that job over to Emily as well, thinking that when she was no longer there, Emily would have work and not have to go alone to the manor every day.

 Eventually Betty became too old for the work as a cook and had to leave the manor. Emily remained at the manor. She was very much liked by all, but she still avoided Silas Junior when she could. One evening she was preparing to leave when Silas was standing in her way.
“Where are you going Emily, it looks like a storm is coming and it has already started raining. You will catch your death outside. Come to my room and wait until the storm passes.”

“No thank you sir, I am awaited at home and I would not like to put you to trouble.”

“It is no trouble and when I command you, you would not like to refuse my commands, now would you?”

“No sir, but my but I am awaited at home and my guardian will get worried if I arrive home too late..”

“Guardian, you mean the old cook. Well we will let the cook wait, and now come to my room.”

Emily had no great choice. The wind was blowing furiously outside and it had started to rain accompanied by crashes of thunder and forks of lightening. Silas literally dragged her to his room and was about to push her onto the bed when the window broke and the wind blew against the candle that had been lit. The curtains started burning and Silas was completely surprised. He tried to put out the fire that had started, but with no success. It quickly caught the linen on the bed and spread until all was burning.

The next morning there was only the charred remains of the foundations of the manor left and of Silas Junior. He had been burnt alive. Emily had run as fast as she could away from the manor when the fire started and arrived back home, being followed by a large black crow. What Emily did not see was that it was the crow that had broken open the window which hit the candle causing it to ignite the curtains.

Emily continued living with Betty in the forest for the next few years. Betty  had put enough money on one side that they could both live comfortably on it. Eventually after some years Betty died and Emily stayed at the cottage. The cottage was known to be a place where the crows gathered in the near bye trees in the evening. Emily had a reputation for making herbal medicine from the plants growing around her cottage and was often to be seen on market days in the surrounding villages selling her goods. One day Emily was no longer seen, and so the inhabitants of the village thought she had probably got too old.

Times change and the villages of yesterday became the towns of today, their past being only seen in history books in the school or at the library. There was no mention of Emily’s cottage in these books.

“Grandad what happened to Emily”

“I don’t know exactly Jackie, but I suspect that the house and skeleton they found in the forest was her last abode on this earth.”

“So father I think you have told enough history to you granddaughter for today. Sunday lunch is ready and I want her to be able to sleep this evening.”

“The town Gazette

After an examination of the human remains found at the cottage in the forest, they are believed to belong to one of the village inhabitants known as the Crow woman, on account of the numerous skeletal remains of the crows found around the cottage. It was decided that an official burial of the bones would take place at the local church”

“The Town Gazette – one week later”
Local church engulfed in crows.
During the burial of an unknown person, known as the Crow Woman, at the local church, a gathering was seen in the surrounding skies. Apart from a raging storm with crashes of thunder and streaks of lightening, there was a gathering of at least one hundred crows in the sky above the chapel. After the burial the sun shone again coupled with a spectacular rainbow.”