FOWC with Fandango: Contrast

River Aare Reflections 28.11 (2)

Yesterday I went for a wheelie
In my chair, later than ideally
But I saw the world with different eyes
Light appeared, guided by the skies
The sun was reflecting on glass so bright
And then on the river, which made more light
My camera was ready to capture effects
And so I wheeled on to see what was next
It was not the usual dull of grey in the clouds
Where everything was covered in the usual shrouds
I wheeled along the riverside see what was in town
I was not disappointed and found another gown
The windows of a building were reflecting the sun
The contrasts arrived, the afternoon was won

Ritterquai Sunset 28.11 (2)

FOWC with Fandango: Contrast

RDP Tuesday: Contrast

Harley Davidson HESO Tag 30.09 (17)

Who would have thought it, Casanova once slept in this house
Horses trotted past, Lady Von Roll probably his spouse
He probably did not sleep, had other things to do
And the Lady Von Roll probably did them too
If he lived here today,, he would get a great surprise
People sitting on the steps, Harley Davidsons were the guys
A stage coach then passed through with the clipity clop of hooves
Something completely different no-one to disapprove
And now we heard brum brum, the bikes were on their way
I think it was a good thing that Casanova did not stay
But his ghost still haunts the street, only during the night
Casanova slept at daytime, his spirit was so white
What was that we heard, Casanova did not lack
Biking on the cobblestones with Lady Von Roll on the back
Even ghosts are looking on to see what was the blast
the lady held on tight, this was a new contrast
One of the Harley missed his machine, he found it in the gloom
was at the local cemetery, resting on a tomb

RDP Tuesday: Contrast

One Word Photo Challenge: Contrast

Basel to Solothurn 05.09 (7)

Travelling by train yesterday I saw that that there were  many heiroglyphics painted on the walls bordering the tracks. This one seemed to be fighting a battle with nature and slowly but surely nature was winning. It is not very often I travel to Basel by train, but this part of the tracks is always covered with Graffiti. I am wondering how it will look if I go again later. Will nature win, or the graffiti.

One Word Photo Challenge: Contrast

Daily Prompt: Contrast

Paris (4)

How is this for a contrast. I am sure Mr. Swiss is the only live human surrounded by various graves full of dead people in a cemetery in Paris. Even the shadows caused by the sunlight added to the eerie background of the photo.

Last week I had to see a neurologist. My doctor thought it would be a good idea after my fall a month ago, when I could not stand afterwards with my own strength. The fact of the matter was I had no strength left at the time. I was not sure if this specialist visit was a good idea, I trust no-one these days. On the other hand if I refused, the opinion would be it is my own fault if I do not accept help. I arrived at the consulting room and spent the first 15 minutes filling out forms about my insurance with various details. Afterwards the consultant called me and then the inerrogation began.

He asked so many questions that I felt like it was a third degree. Eventually he got to the point when he said “Sport?”. A very good question, I though for a few moments and asked him “What’s that”, so the case was clear. I do not do sport, have no interest in physical exertions which may damage my body and  a 69 year old no longer has interest in running or jumping. I told him I once joined a Tai Chi group, but I have a feeling this did not impress him, he wanted to see action, something that would exercise muscles. I prefer to work with my brain, it is less exhausting. I can sit in a chair and apply my muscles to a keyboard on my computer(s). Why should I run or stretch? I do all that when I clean the kitchen or the bathroom. I even climb a ladder to reach the top part of the cupboards in the kitchen, and that can be quite exhausting, if not dangerous. I could fall and if I have a cleaning cloth in my hand, there is only one arm to balance with.

I told the specialist that I was a member of the hockey team at school, but this did not seem to impress him, probably because it was approximately 50 years ago. I was quite good in the defence, a right back. My best friend at school was the left back. Yes, we were a team and protected our goal with our hockey sticks, hockey boots and everything we could employ to beat the opposing team.

These days are now gone, and my energy is now spent on cleaning or writing on the computer. It is not always easy to concentrate when writing, perhaps I do not have any inspiration, or it might be that the telephone rings. Today I was a little confused. My telephone was ringing, whilst I had just finished my meal. I did not hear my telephone, but my iPad stepped in to help because it lives in the same cloud as the telephone. I do not take telephone calls on my iPad, as I am not quite sure how that would work. It would probably be loudspeaker and I do not do loudspeaker. This was a problem, because usually my iPhone and iPad sing in harmony, but iPad was doing a solo job.

I called myself on Mr. Swiss phone, but my phone did not answer. It had abandonned me.

“Where is it?” asked Mr. Swiss.

“No idea, perhaps it fell out of my jacket pocket into the car” was my answer. And so I made my way to the garage, armed with the key to the garage and car key. There was no telephone to be seen in the car and then I had one of those bright lights that can hit you with inspiration. I remembered where my phone was. Before lunch I was in the garden pulling out some weeds and unwanted grass and put my telephone on the table on the porch. As I re-entered the appartment my son met me with the news the telephone had been found. Of course I knew where it was, outside on the table.

I experienced a contrast in my life. If you have your telephone you are avaiable all day (not night because I switch it off at night). If you happen to mislay your telephone by some strange mistake, you are lost, cut off from civilisation, isolated.

Now I have my telephone again and it is always with me, at least most of the time. I often wonder how life was without my mobile. I must have been a lost soul searching for a meaning to my life.

Daily Prompt: Contrast