FOWC with Fandango: Comfort

When its cold outside and temperatures are freezing
Then bring out the gloves, to stop you wheezing
Wear warm socks, and a hat on your head
Make yourself comfortable, even in a sled
So I saddle my scooter and slide into town
Come wind or cold I wear no frown
It might even snow, then I leave it all at home
I relax on a chair and then I do not roam
If I was a hedgehog I would cuddle up in leaves
Stuff myself with food to ensure I would not freeze
But I am only human, and no-one tucks me in
So I have to do it all myself. and wear a sheepskin
I can dream of summer time with the sun high in the sky
In the meanwhile I take a warm drink and hope to get by

FOWC with Fandango: Comfort

Daily Prompt: Comfort Zone

What are you more comfortable with — routine and planning, or laissez-faire spontaneity? 

Three cats waiting to go out

“That’s an easy one Mrs. Human, routine and planning all the time, although you humans do tend to wander off the path now and again.”

Chief cat Nera decided to voice or meow her opinion.

“Nera, felines are not asked, it is a human thing and it seems to me you have a very secure and planned life with me and Mr. Human.”

“Not quite. What day is it today Mrs. Human?”

“Friday, although I thought felines have no sense of time, they do it all by instinct.”

“We felines find that instinct is a word humans used when they are unable to cope, like being overstrained. To continue, today is Friday according to human time operation. For us felines, meaning me, my sister Tabby and apprentice Fluffy, today is the day when our delicate and sensitive taste buds tell us that Tuna fish should be on the menu. SO WHERE IS THE TUNA FISH?”

“Ok Nera, do not meow so loud, the higher tones hurt my ears, and just because it is Friday I do not have to serve tuna fish. You can have it tomorrow instead.”

“Nera, where’s the tuna fish, it is human Friday?” and Tabby arrived in the kitchen sniffing around the food bowl.

“Seems that Mrs. Human has had a senior moment of forgetfulness Tabby, and has forgotten to serve it.”

“Mrs. Human where is the tuna fish” asked Fluffy who was actually blind, but was waiting next to the bowl of feline vitamin pellets.

“You see Mrs. Human” continued Nera, “you have three disappointed felines. It cannot be rocket science for a human to open a tin and serve.”

“Nera is right” said Tabby “and don’t forget we like it laced with a fair portion of tuna liquid.”

As I did not have the heart to disappoint three fish hungry felines, I did as ordered and served the fish. At least I now have some peace and quiet to continue this prompt.

My human opinion is that I like a mixture of both, planning and being spontaneous. I have certain days where I clean certain rooms, have particular days when I go shopping, but I am flexible enough to change the routine if necessary. I just like to have an organised life. I have no stress. The appartment next to mine, also ground floor, was broken into three days ago and some valuable jewellery was stolen. As the lady entered the appartment she heard the two thieves jump out of the window, which they had forced open, so I will not go into details about when I do what. It is bad enough when your movements are observed by complete strangers planning a break-in, as was the case of my neighbour.

The police arrived at the scene and the result is that my neighbour and us are now having a motion detector assembled outside, although I am not so sure if it is a good idea with three felines.

“Did you say something Mrs. Human” Nera looked up from her half eaten dish of tuna fish.

“I just mentioned that we will have a motion detector put up outside to register movements made in the evening. A light will then be switched on automatically.”

“What do you think about that Tabby and Fluffy, do we want a motion detector?”

“As long as the light isn’t too bright” the two felines answered.

“Err, felines, if I may say something, the motion detector will be assembled and it will not depend on the felines saying yes or no.”

“Whatever, but do not expect us to tread carefully around its range. So back to more important things, such as half a plate of tuna fish. And Mrs. Human, do not forget to write on your iPad, iPhone or whatever, that Friday is tuna fish day. Put one of those signals in so that it rings to remind you. You humans can be so laissez-faire sometimes.”

Daily Prompt: Comfort Zone