RDP #47: Clouds


Where was I yesterday, I mean I love clouds, I collect them, I take their photos and am a member of the Cloud Appreciation Society with badge and number and daily cloud photos and I was definitely not going to miss out on this RDP subject, but I got a new cloud in my collection, one I did not want. I even took its photo as I could hardly believe it.

It happened when I returned from my morning shopping trip and my iPhone and iPad both told me “we have an update”. I did my iPad and that was OK and suddenly I lost the connection on my iPhone and it refused to start again. I was convinced that Apple’s new update was the guilty party, you cannot trust these things. I then checked on the iPad and discovered that WordPress was telling me that Safari could not connect to my iPad. Facebook had a picture and with time the picture changed to the one shade of grey telling me “forget it – no internet connection”. Someone told us our provider company had a problem, but not for two hours? Long story cut short, we contacted them and it sems that an invoice had not been paid.

Big shock we always pay our invoices, computer invoices are holy, special, blessed, and held in reverence, our life depends on it: OK, perhaps I am exaggerating but if you do not pay they cut off your connection  without a threatening word. It was now late enough for their offices to close and we only had a connection to their special emergency number. Pay the invoice? No chance, internet was non-existent on our computers and the only possibility was a journey this morning, when the offices opened, and pay by cash. Luckily they are in the local town, but I still did not have a connection this morning, until the bill was paid. Mr. Swiss dealt with the necessary and around 9.30 we were online again. How it happened and why I do not know, but I do know that it will never ever happen again. And that was yesterday’s cloud.

How did I spend the afternoon without a computer, the evening? I finished reading my Stephen King book “The Outsider” and even began a second book. Thank goodness my Kindle has 4H or whatever that I can upload books if I am going places. I could not even upload a photo and my e-mails were in silencium, as well as the facebook messenger. I was cut off from the world. There are clouds and clouds and the ones below are my favourites. I see them on my wheelies in my chair.

Clouds 04.07 (10)

Yesterday that were looking a little black and threatening.  Just to reassure you I did not break a leg again as a cause of my absence and we are all more or less in one piece, but I will avoid the black clouds of computer doom in the future.

Clouds over Jura 15.04 (5)

RDP #47: Clouds

Weekly Weather: Clouds


“Where do you think you are going with that camera Miss?”

“I heard today is open day and a few photos would be a good idea.”

“We do not entertain good ideas at a nuclear power plant. Anything might happen and photos are not allowed, it would spoil our reputation for the general public. And what are you carrying under your arm. That box looks very suspicious.”

“I don’t know what your function is at this power plant, but I was of the opinion that you would recognise a geiger counter when you saw one.”

“Madam, you cannot enter our power plant with a geiger counter and a camera. They will have to be left at the door.”

“Now wait a moment. I have always wanted to visit this place. I live in the next village and see the clouds of smoke rising into the sky all the time. Whether it is snowing, raining, sunny or a storm, we always have a cloud somewhere over our head. If I take a plane somewhere, I always know when I am approaching home as I see the smoke billowing up through the normal clouds. Your chimney is a land mark and now I want to see it for myself.

How do I know this place is safe? As for all I know that permanent cloud leaving your chimney could be radio-active. I might even begin to glow in the dark.”

“It is perfectly safe here. There is absolutely no danger, but you must understand. If the other visitors see you walking around with a geiger counter and a camera they might get nervous.”

“I am already nervous. You should see my cat at home. I no longer have to search for him at night, I can see him glowing. I am sure if I switch on this geiger counter it will begin to make suspicious noises. Look.”

“Madam if you switch that on I will have to call the federal police, it will be a breach of the secrets act.”

“And what if it begins to tick, tick, tick.”

“It will not tick, simply because our plant is safe. There are no leaks.”

“Then what does that permanent cloud coming out of your chimney contain? I am sure it is not from the water you are boiling for your tea break. That is leaking all the time.”

“It is not water, but the steam that our plant produces when operating.”

“How do I know it is not radioactive steam. It is suspicious that I am not allowed to switch on my geiger counter for a start. I do not trust you. And what about my cat that glows in the night?”

“Cats are not my responsibility, only our nuclear power.”

“Then switch it all off. All I want is a cloud free sky like in the old days when we had electricity from the pylons and not this mystery stuff that comes out of a king sized chimney.”

“Madam, if I switch it off, you will have no power. Your television will not work, your washing machine will stop and your vacuum cleaner will have no current. You will not even be able to iron your husbands shirts.”

“I don’t care about my husband’s shirts, he can wear t-shirts. At least my cat will no longer glow in the dark.”

“You cat is alive so there cannot be anything dangerous. There must be another reason for him glowing.”

“Of course there isn’t. He went missing one night and the neighbour brought him home. He had sneaked through the barbed wire enclosing your cloud belching chimney and since then he has been glowing.”

“In that case, madam, for the safety of the country I will have to put your cat into quarantine. Did he perhaps drink some of the water in the tank next to the chimney.”

“I don’t know, do you think that is the reason? In any case I am not giving my cat to you or any other nuclear power plant person, at least not until I can switch on my geiger counter, or until there are no longer clouds hovering over my house every day.”

“Joe what’s that ticking I can hear.”

“It’s my new watch of course Fred: best Swiss quality.”

“And who was that lady that just rushed past me as if she was doing a marrathon.”

“Just one of the neighbours getting suspicious about our safe electric nuclear power plant and thought she would do a geiger counter test to prove how dangerous we are. As soon as she heard my watch she made a run for it.”

“Silly lady, of course we are not dangerous We save money on the elecricity. We don’t even need to switch it on at home, me and the missus just glow all on our own.”

Weekly Weather: Clouds

Colour Your World: Blue

Sky over Feldbrunnen

“Juppi put that spray can of white clouds away, you are spoiling the sky.”

“First of all my name is Jupiter, being the king of the Roman gods and just because you happen to be a good looker Venus, it does not give you the right to tell me how to paint my skies.”

“Juppi since you partook in that advanced cloud course, our skies are no longer the same. A nice plain blue sky is what the people want, not with stripes all over the place. If it has to be stripy, then do it with organised stripes.”

“Venus you might understand how to colour your hair and paint your eyes, but designing clouds is something completely different. It is the work of an artist, a specialist. It is seen by all and not just the person you happen to have in you bedroom.”

“I beg your pardon Juppi I choose my own partners and up to now they have never been disappointed. By the way how do you like my new emerald green eye shade. I think it really suits my orange lipstick. To match today’s sky colour I decided on a strong blue nail varnish, but now you have ruined everything with those psychedelic white stripes.”

“Be careful what you are saying Venus, one of these days you will lose your arms for such treacherous words, and then you will no longer need blue fingernails, because you will not have any fingers to paint.”

“Not in my time Juppi, although you have given me an idea. Perhaps I might have myself modelled without arms for some Roman temple. That would be an eternal mystery. The subject would say “Why are her arms missing” and would never guess it was because of a silly remark made by Juppi.

Oh, what was that loud explosion?”

“No problem, I just sent out a thunderbolt to calm my nerves, stupid woman and do not call me Juppi.”

“By the way where is your wife Juno?”

“She is away for the evening organising some marriage matches.”

“You are alone, so am I Juppi.”

“OK, will be up in a few minutes, but don’t call me Juppi in public – people will start talking. Just a minute.”

“What are you doing Juppi?”

“Painting over the white stripes in the sky, I don’t like them either.”

Colour your world: Blue