FOWC with Fandango: Circle

Road to Bellach via Solothurn (13)

Circles are springing up everywhere. It used to be a straight road with a couple of traffic lights on the way, but now a circle has been planted in the middle of the road. Actually there are three altogether, all nicely spaced out. Is it an opportunity for an artist to show his creation, or another puzzle to solve when driving?

This is sure, they are here to stay and if the local road authorities are bored, someone draws a circle on paper and it arrives on a straight road.

Solothurn 02.07 (8)

They even planted flowers of this one, and rail tracks run through it.

FOWC with Fandango: Circle

Daily Prompt: The Circle of Boredom

Solothurn 1407 (4)

It is Saturday afternoon and I am sitting at the computer trying to think of something astounding to write about a circle. It begins at a place, and ends in the same place. Now that is really brainy. So what more is there to say?

This mind blowing idea is really something. I studied for some time until I came to this conclusion. Ok, circles are not so bad because they generally know where they are going. I walk in circles constantly and always return to the beginning. On the way I might go shopping, write a blog, or clean the appartment. But it all comes down to the same thing, life revolves and it all goes in the same direction.

Now and again the circle might leave its course. They are the moments when you can break out and do something completely different, but it is only temporary. And so life continues.

Yesterday I noticed a drain cover on a walk, so I took a photo.

Drain Covers 14.02 (1)

This was also a circle and it even had more circles as a decoration, but it also had a square pattern. We also have square drain covers. Life would be monotonous if it was completly circular, now and again you have to be a square.

You can have crop circles, although our local farmers stick to square fields. Otherwise they might get confused, walking in circles all the time. Their tractors are better keeping to the straight and narrow.

Castle Waldegg Surroundings 28.05 (4)

Of course, if there were no circles then many mathematical equations based on π would be a waste of time. Now that was interesting. I have now discovered how to print the pi sign on my Mac keyboard by pressing the “option” key together with the “p”. So as I was saying if we had no circles, everything would be square and the π sign would be superfluous. Are you with me? Of course not. I think I will go back to bed it is safer. That is the trouble with the circle. Going around and around and never getting anywhere like this masterpiece I am writing.


Daily Prompt: The Circle of Boredom