Flower of the Day: 16.03.2018 Christmas Rose

Christmas Rose

Not one of mine, although they are flowering at the moment. The problem is they are so near the ground, I cannot bend to get a photo. This one was in the local store. a href=”https://ceenphotography.com/2018/03/15/flower-of-the-day-march-16-2018-rhododendron-bushes/They always have a special offer at the beginning of the year for helleborus niger.

Flower of the Day: 16.03.2018 Christmas Rose

Flower of the Day: 23.11.2016 Christmas Rose (Helleborus)


They are slowly arriving in pots in the stores ready for Christmas, but on the expensive side. I have one in my garden, as for me they are a garden plant and not something to have on the table in the living room. Up to now it has no flowers, but the weather has probably not been cold enough. Generally it begins to blossom at the end of December. This one was tinged with pink which I found quite exceptional.

Flower of the Day: 23.11.2016 Christmas Rose (Helleborus)