FOWC with Fandango: Challenge

Renovation 19.10 (4)

Life is one big challenge. I wonder if we would miss it when there would be no challenges. Last Summer was lost. We were incarcerated in scaffolding whilst our building got a face lift. There was no sitting outside on the porch, because we almost had not porch.

2-3 years ago I was challenged by discovering I had MS, although had probably spent the past 30 years of my life with it and not being diagnosed. Perhaps it was better that way, I did not have the worry to go with it. Now being 72 years old, I am passed worrying and take it as it comes. I have a wheelchair: no challenge, just a transport method.

I got a grandson, thanks to No. 2 son. I am now a grandmother.

And I am still bogging, writing my daily stuff. I would say in this context that I need it. Of course I have my interests, photography, nature, and reading, but I have my routine. I write because I enjoy writing. Of course I have some friends, but I only see them now and again and let’s face it. I am not getting younger and neither are they and now and again I notice that there is one less friend: the shadow side of life. But I continue because I need the daily challenges.

We have put men on the moon in my lifetime, even wiped out a few chronic illnesses, although there are still some to conquer. We have invented the computer. Where would we be without Facebook. At least we can complain about it.

My next challenge is to prepare the evening meal and finish writing this challenge.

Basket Ball Estate 17.10.2018

FOWC with Fandango

RDP #63: Challenge

Dog 25.07 (1)

It’s a challenge every morning to raise my weary head
First I have to think about it and then I leave my bed
Although I am not sure that I want to do this thing
I decide to stay where I am and the alarm begins to ring

Breakfast is calling and the alarm repeats again
Do I really have to do it, routine is such a pain
There were times when it was duty, go to work to earn my keep
I am now a golden oldie, and play the game of hide and seek

I hear the kids outside my window, they are off to school
They are laughing, shouting, are very loud, I do not find that cool
The alarm is calling once again, I decide to switch it off
Do not have to , only want to, I am becoming a sloth

But breakfast is now on the list and it is time to eat
Reluctantly I give myself a push and am eventually on my feet
I plod my weary way and reach the kitchen door
Must I really meet this challenge, sacrificing more and more

The smell of coffee percolating tells me to go on
I feel half dead, can I do this, I must be a complete moron
I collapse in a chair and spread the bread, with butter and with jam
Is this the purpose and meaning of life, perhaps I should slice some ham

And then I hear the doorbell ring, that isn’t very nice
It rings again just one more time, the postman only rings twice
I decide to ignore it and return to bed, I was sure it was the right way
the doorbell rings again, oh no, today is my birthday

Aunt Joan was standing at the door with a parcel in her hand
And suddenly I heard the music, outside there was a brass band
Happy birthday to you it was playing for me and the phone was ringing loud
It was the kids who were calling me, and outside there was a crowd

There is a moral to this tale It is quite plain to see,
Wake up and look around you, it is not all about me
Laying in bed is not the solution, so get up and forget the strife
There are things to do and places to see, enjoy the rest of your life

Please note it is not my birthday, it was just to fit the rhyme, that will only be next December.

RDP #63: Challenge