RDP Saturday: Celebration

This was a celebration never to be forgotten. It took place before Christmas in 1956. I am sitting in the front row, third from left with a strange hat on my head. My dad worked for the Ford motor works and he would pay for my participation in the children’s Christmas party during the year. Of course I did not know that at the time, and was sure that Fords were doing it all to keep us kids happy. We children met at the company and were taken by a coach to an event. This year I remember it was a visit to one of the large London circus events in the Royal Albert Hall with clowns, elefants and all the trimmings. Afterwards we were transported back to the company and had a Christmas tea. We children were all called together and were given our Christmas gift and they were really good gifts – something for the boys and something for the girls and all organised according to your age.

We kids did not know each other, but that soon changed and on the way to the event we got to know each other and when we returned we were already in our own little groups. They were parties never to be forgot. My dad worked for the company, in the wheel department, until he retired. Of course Ford cars still exist, but the company is no longer the same place in Dagenham in London. Things change over the years and I think that we children must now all be golden oldies in our seventies, like myself. The Christmas parties no longer exist of course.

RDP Saturday: Celebration

Daily Prompt: Celebrate Good Times

You receive some wonderful, improbable, hoped-for good news. How do you celebrate?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us CELEBRATION.

Dad's birthday cake

Yesterday was my dad’s 98th birthday. I took this photo on his 90th birthday when I was in London. My girlfriend organised the cake with his photo, just wonderful. We had a meal in the evening at a restaurant with some family friends and his late girlfriend, who has died in the meanwhile. She was two years older than my dad: an occasion to preserve on a photo and never to forget.

Otherwise celebrations are not my thing. Something spontaneous, a sudden idea is good, but I find that planned events can easily not be as planned as they should be. At the last moment Fred has to go to a funeral, Lil has to go into hospital and Jack and Vera suddenly were on holiday somewhere. Perhaps they never wanted to come; perhaps they really could not come. Over the years I avoid planned celebrations where possible.

Of course, if by some strange misguided option I would write a book that would become a success and establish my name in the hall of author fame, I might organise a book launching party, inviting my wonderful WordPress fan club that have supported me through thick and thin reading my wonder blog (for lack of something else to do), and passing a comment to show I have been there, seen it and done that. Of course this triumph must be accompanied by a substantial financial reward, that I can afford to charter the plane from the States, necessary for my friends across the pond. I would have to organise a hotel and make sure everyone is comfortable, especially the animal writers who also blog (I am thinking here about Wiley the most wonderful animal blogger I know).

My felines would also be invited. They would have their own place for the celebrations. Just the three of them: Nera the boss, Tabby the assistant and Fluffy the apprentice. Felines are not such social specimens of life, they prefer to remain solo and eat all the food themselves. The word “sharing” does not exist in Meow; one of the reasons that only dog parks exist and not feline parks. A feline park would probably resemble an arena in ancient Rome, where only the lucky survived.  Felines do not play; they fight, generally for territorial rights. If a female-male connection should occur, even this does not go smoothly over the stage. She is not keen, he is and when eventually a union occurs, she gives out a yell, swipes a claw over the partner and then looks around for the next victim. Yes love in the feline world is more trial and error, but if you do not succeed the first time, they try, try again.

I am drifting off the track. So, being a miserable selfish cow, I think my celebration will be minimalized and only take place when I want it to. I am happy otherwise in my own little golden oldie world. No excitements, danger of heart attack, and no dancing or singing. After being a working woman for 35 years and bringing up 4 children into the bargain, I am now reaping the rewards of retirement.

I would probably make an exception if Mr. Swiss and his jazzer friends organise a jam session in a local restaurant. I have been to a few celebrations and they are fun: meeting old friends, listening to good local jazz and eating as an accompaniment. You need no basic reason for such a celebration, although it might be combined with a birthday. It just happens.

Daily Prompt: Celebrate Good times

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