Daily Prompt: Calling Angloswiss


And another cyber adventure in the life of Mrs. Angloswiss has been completed and I survived. This morning I called in at the shop to pick up my new iPhone X. I decided to treat myself for Christmas. Golden Oldies have nothing better to do with their money it seems. Of course it was not cheap, but after living a life of hand-me-down iPhones I was now at another level. My first iPhone that I bought was an iPhone 4, I progressed to iPhone 6 and that now has grey hairs. iPhone 3 was given to me when Mr. Swiss bought an iPhone 4. I decided if he has an iPhone 4, I want one too, so I treated myself to my first own bought iPhone.

We now have an iPhone graveyard in the hobby room with discarded iPhones. I saw some people even sell them on the “marketplace” on Facebook. I prefer to keep mine, you never know.

When the Apple people told everyone about the new iPhones I decided to wait until the X appeared. The guy in the shop fitted it all up 1:1 and when I picked it up this afternoon it was ready to go. All my apps were there, ready and waiting. He asked if I wanted a glass front to it. I had never had anything at the front. Mr. Swiss found that would be a good idea as I was always dropping my phone and it was a wonder that the glass never broke.

Ok, now the front of the phone is covered with not just glass, but with bulletproof glass, armoured glass, so what could be better. If I am involved in a hold-up at the bank or a terrorist attack, at least my telephone will survive. I mean these telephones are not cheap. I then chose a cover for the back of the telephone. This is a nice transparent strong glass, probably also bulletproof, with a snowflake star effect. I am now ready to go.

I was at the telephone store this morning and he said it would take an hour or so to transfer all my apps and fit it up, so I left the telephone there and picked it up this afternoon. I noticed when he had begun to fit it up as I was receiving messages on my iPad that my telephone had now been transferred to a new telephone. I could ignore this message if this was OK.

I am now uploading it (see photo) as it only had 30% energy. What I like about it is that everything is the same as the old iPhones so I do not have to learn anything new, although there are apparetly a few new gimmicks included. The button at the bottom in the middle is no longer there, but all it needs is a swipe in the right place. I have a feeling I will be constantly cleaning the bulletproof glass at the front of the phone. I naturally chose the 256 GB version with the super capacity. I can then fill it with all sorts of apps. Calling: not really, ah yes, I think that is the idea of a telephone. Now I can do all sorts of things with my phone, and I might even call someone now and again. I suppose they can call me as well, although it is seldom that anyone does.

Daily Prompt: Calling Angloswiss