FOWC with Fandango: Broken

This tree seems to be more than broken. I remember it when it was standing tall in the field, although with the years it was no longer looking so healthy. Then the ivy was slowly taking over and one day there is was lying on the ground, felled by a gardener. I pass it every time I go into town and watch its slow decline, but I am sure it is now a wonderful home for various insects. It is still growing a few green branches to prove that it is not completely dead and has some life in its broken branches.

FOWC with Fandango: Broken

RDP Friday: Broken

Baselstrasse 11.07 (1)

Today I went to the store for the week-end shopping. On the way I drive pass this restaurant and the two large windows next to it. The third window belongs to a hairdresser, but the window is now longer.

As I drove along the road I saw signs with “Police” written on it and even saw a couple of the uniformed members wandering around. I so regretted that I could not take a photo whilst I was driving, it would have been a perfect photo of broken. I have no idea how it happened, but a car was half way into the completely smashed window on the right. There were pieces of glass everywhere on the road and pavement, luckily not the part where I was driving. Of course the car was also quite damaged. As I could not stop to examine the details I unfortunately had to drive on

When I did the return journey the car was no longer there, and the half broken window had been completely removed. There was a lady clearing away the articles that were behind the window. What a wonderful opportunity that would have been for a photo, although I could not help thinking that someone now had a ruined week-end. As there was no sign of ambulance etc. I am hoping that there were no injuries.

RDP Friday: Broken

Daily Prompt: Broken

Clouds A 05.01 (13)

I was surprised that our WordPress people, the same that have created our Daily Prompt Grid and the same that have encouraged us to write daily for a prompt, chose the subject of “broken” for today’s prompt. They broke everything for the blogger in WordPress when they announced that the Grid will no longer be a grid, that daily prompts are no longer required and that the bloggers should do something else. Go and play in another playground. There will no longer be a daily prompt, tomorrow is the last daily prompt.

Those over the pond find the daily prompt subject waiting for them on their computer first thing in the morning. In my part of Europe it appears in the early afternoon, but we all have something in common, we write for the daily prompt. We might look in on others to see what they have written.

There is a daily prompt community on WordPress. We have found colleagues sharing a common interest in writing almost daily. Perhaps not every day, but I find an average of 100 entries daily written by us (usually many more). I have met many bloggers, Olga from Pamploma, Marilyn from near the Blackstone River in the States. There is Tony in California who tells me about the plants he grows and I tell him about the plants I grow. One day I will meet Martha, the lady with the three dogs almost bigger than she is and author of interesting books. I already met Susan from the States when she was on a trip through Switzerland, she lead a very interesting challenge to encourage the use of macro images with the camera. And Cee, whose challenges with photos are weekly and keep us all on camera quests to find something to fit.

These are not all people that make a daily entry for a daily Prompt, but they read what I write and pass a comment now and again. I have got to know them through my daily prompt and they know me.

From 31st May, when the last prompt is posted, this will all be gone. There will be silence in the prompt world. Some have sent out messages to the daily prompt people not to do this, but to continue. It doesn’t hurt to post one word a day through a computer programme, or does it? Perhaps it brings no profit.

Let us see what can be repaired in the meanwhile. Perhaps the 1st June might bring an unexpected surprise although I do not think so. WordPress only surprise us when they forget something. I will now wait and see.

Daily Prompt: Broken