Colour Your World – Blue-green

River Aar

“It’s the way you look at it.”

“It looks blue to me.”

“As I said, according to how you see it.”

“It’s obvious, water is blue really.”

“No, water is, well just water. It does not have any colour. Drink a glass of water and what do you see, nothing, rien, da nada, niente. It has no colour.”

“Anyhow how comes you say that the water is blue-green.”

“It’s the way I see it.”

“Just a moment, your father is completely colour blind.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“And your son is colour blind. If you are not careful he will wear a blue sock and a green sock and not see the difference.”

“It’s not that bad. He can drive a car and sees the difference between the red light and the green light.”

“Of course he does, they are in different positions. So you must be colour blind was well.”

“Me, colour blind, never. I am something special, I just carry the problems with me because I am a woman and women are almost never colour blind. Dad was colour blind and son is colour blind and I am something special. If mum had been colour blind as well, then I would be colour blind, but she wasn’t. I will say it again, the water in the River Aar is definitely blue-green, as long as the sun is shining.”

“Huh, what happens when it doesn’t shine?

“Well, it’s just water, and if it rains, it might even turn brown. Once they coloured the river with green to see how the current was flowing.”

“Let’s just agree it is blue-green, then we are all happy, although to me…….”

“Forget it, you must be colour blind.”

Colour your World – Blue-green