Daily Prompt: There is going to be a big change around here – Someday

Not today, or tomorrow, but one day there will be big change around here. This was one of my mum’s favourite sayings, casting a glance in my direction when she said it to emphasize it was my fault to bring about the great change. Probably I had made a mess in my room, or decided to do something that did not fall into her diciplinary laws. Do not worry, mum was forgetful and so the big change was programmed for someday in the unforeseen future, so it never happened.

Someday I might stop blogging. It often happens, when the time arrives after my Golden Oldie sleep, that I pump up the jam on my computer, see the title of the daily prompt and find, no, that is not for me. And then suddenly a spark ignites in tbe dark atomosphere of my brain (yes I have one). The cobwebs are burnt away and a spotlight encircles me as I sit at my desk, and I begin to write. Sometimes you can also a choir singing in the background.  I did a check today and discovered my first blog for WordPress, according to the statistics, was on 11th September, 2009, although I was then transcribing them from Blogger, so I probably began blogging in 2007. I was in another site, Multiply, for about 2 years or more until the site was disbanded. I was also in blogger. I am still in blogger, but only for a weekly “Picture This” Challenge belonging to my blogging collegue Mitch. And so the life of a blogger continues.

Someday I might stop blogging, if I run out of things to say. Mr. Swiss finds I never run out of things to say – on the contrary, I have an answer to everything, and apart from Blogging, talking is also one of my favourite pasttimes. I thought of  a day without blogging. If I did not blog on my computer, I would have an hour in the afternoon to do what I want to do. After my blogging session I usually spend time on uploading photos, which I can use for my blogs. I seem to live in a Catch22 situation, a vicious circle is surrounding my existence. When I am not blogging, I am doing things to apply to my blogs. Are situations in life blogworthy? Take a photo of this and that, you can definitely use it in your next challenge.

From 6 in the evening until 8 I would also be searching for a purpose in my  blogless life as I then deal with various blogging challenges. How would I fill the void in my life, if I did not blog. What would I do with my spare time.

Of course, I could begin to knit again. Perhaps I could collect stamps, even coffee cream lids – an explanation. We get our coffee cream in little plastic pots and there is a theme on the metallic lid. You can collect the lids to have a complete set of perhaps flowers, cars, trees etc. There are even albums made to fit the lids. The lids used to be made of real aluminium, but now are made in a plastic lookalike, so no longer interesting. Perhaps this is only a Swiss thing – no idea. Anyhow no danger, I will not begin to collect them – no I am a blogger and probably will remain a blogger until someday, whatever.

Today I reached 4,991 followers on my WordPress blog, so anything could happen. How could I stop blogging, blogging carries responsibility with it.. My followers would despair, and perhaps even jump off the  Empire State building out of desparation screaming “The AngloSwiss blog is no more”. There would be headlines in the national newspapers. CNN would report daily on the progress of the non-existence of the Anglo Swiss blog. Donald Trump would stop tweeting in sympathy.

No fellow bloggers, fans and disciples, do not worry, I will continued to the bitter end, until the blogging/music dies.

Daily Prompt: There is going to be a big change around here – Someday

Discover Challenge: Raison d’être

Why do you create? Publish a post about your artistic raison d’être.


Have you ever tried to make a selfie whilst you are blogging, well don’t. It does not work. This photo is more luck than judgement, and it is not exactly an action photo – in the background my cat’s stairway to …. the top of the cupboard, but she never uses it.

Now to the subject matter. I write because I fell like it. I do not write because I cannot live without writing, it is a hobby. I could collect stamps, could knit socks and even weave a carpet, but I write. I love my computers and the more I discover on these machines the more fun I have.

One day, many years ago, I asked Mr. Swiss what is a blog? He looked at me, and gave no answer for the simple reason that he had never heard of the word. I asked him again the next day. It was a word I saw on the computer about writing something. He answered eventually, I think it is something you write. He had probably looked it up in the meanwhile. As Mr. Swiss is a music man, he was only interested in ipoddy stuff and blogging was a foreign word to him. I decided I wanted to blog all about stuff that I could blog about. At the beginning there was Yahoo 350 and so I established a site. I had more fun doing all the ornaments on my page than actually writing, but now and again I wrote something. It reminded me of school when the teacher gave us the subject for an essay. I actually disliked writing essays, but I always disliked doing stuff that someone told me to do.

Now I was free to write, but what is the point when no-one reads it and you do not know what to write about. I was an unknown in this branch. It seemed that there were many unknowns on Yahoo and eventually it disappeared and the web was full of bloggers searching for something new. I was also still searching, so I decided to join them and we all met in a place called Multiply. Then I realised what blogging was about. I had contact to others from all over the world. There were writing groups and photography groups, so not wanting to miss something, I joined in. It was at the time when Mr. Swiss gave me his discarded digital camera as he bought a new one. I could then take photos and write all about them.

I still did not think I could survive without writing, it became a way of life and I blogged now and again. It was then that a little organisation had to be organised. You cannot sit at the computer all day, take a break for food and drink and return to the computer. In between you have to do stuff like hoovering, ironing, washing and perhaps even take a breath of fresh air.

One day the owner of Multiply decided to move to Indonesia and enter the world of marketing, with the result that eventually Multiply closed down. I was again  without a purpose in my blogging life, although I had a back-up in blogger and a mini back-up in WordPress, but I still did not think that survival depended on writing. I just did it.

I have now been in WordPress for 8 years, yes I am one of the golden oldie veterans, but I have still not been infected with the blogging virus. Some may think all I do is write blogs here, but I do have another life. It is not my one and all, but it is fun and I enjoy it. Now and again I even go shopping or take a walk and I have even been absent for a week now and again if I take a holiday. My computer does not go on holiday with me, but takes a break from writing. I must admit that I no longer watch TV so much. Just one programme here and there. I also read books, well my Kindle.

I am supposed to write about my artistic raison d’être, but I do not have one. I do not consider myself as an artist, I consider myself as a human being that enjoys sitting at my computer and hammering words out. I am a learning freak. I can do Apple, I can do Mac, I even took a web assistant course to learn how to build my own web site. That is a lot of work and concentration, but I did not regret it. I can format my own stuff to a certain extent. I just like fiddling around on the cyber circuit and writing. OK, to be quite honest I would not disappointed in being awarded a Pulitzer or a Nobel prize for literature, but you cannot have everything. I was once freshly pressed here, but that was some time ago and they no longer freshly press you it seems. I think you now might be discovered. Mr. Swiss discovered me 47 years ago, so that does the job for me.

I create meals for the family, I create my garden and fill it with plants that might or might not flower and I have created an Angloswiss Chronic which I fill with written bits and pieces. Am I a writer? I do not know, I will leave you to decide, the main thing is I enjoy it. It is a hobby and not my reason to live.

Discovery Challenge: Raison d’être

Good Morning

Back gardenHere we are again. I know I was missing yesterday, but sometimes the day does not seem to have enough hours to deal with everything. The gardener(s) arrived and did all the work that two golden oldies like Mr. Swiss and I no longer can do so well. You can see the gardener weeding out the unwanted arrivals of the Springi  (a Parazzi photo from me). Note the lawn on the left which now resembles a desert, although there is plenty of grass below the earth. Mr. Swiss was worried, as he thought our wonderful Wimbledon lookalike lawn was forever banished. The gardener reassured him that this was not the case. First of all he scarified the lawn. I found this word in my online dictionary, as I only knew the german word, so I hope it is correct. He has a rake that he uses to remove the died off bits and pieces.

Afterwards he scattered some new seeds around and fertiliser, assuring us that there was still a lot of grass beneath the surface. As he was spreading the material, he reminded me of something from the bible where they sort of strew the seeds from a pan he was holding in his hands. I told him it was almost biblical what he was doing. The man has humour as he laughed. In the meanwhile his colleague was pulling out the weeds in the front garden. Luckily it was a nice warm sunny day.

Kerria japonica

In the meanwhile I took advantage of the wonderful sunny day and took a few photos. My Kerria Japonica is now flowering, so I captured the show. It is one of the first bushes that flower in my garden. It disappears after a couple of weeks, so I really wanted to fix its memory this year with the camera.

anemoneIt was a non shopping day yesterday, so Mrs. Angloswiss relaxed on the sun bed in the afternoon. I actually decided not to blog yesterday. I had been busy organising my dad’s transfer to a nursing home in England on the phone and needed a few moments to rest. On the other hand Mr. Swiss had gone for a walk and in the late afternoon I was bored. Sun, fun and nothing to do is not really my thing, so I retired to the computer and caught up on the missing blogs. Unfortunately the good morning blog was not one of them, as it was already approaching evening.

Yes it was a stress day at the Angloswiss manor. No. 2 son paid us a surprise visit in the evening, announcing he did not need to be fed. He was probably just checking up on the old folks, but it made a very nice evening.

And now to come to a close. A quick cleaning tornado will now go through our home and afterwards they will let me out on a safari trip to the local supermarket.  Let us see what the day holds for surprises, you never know. Just a moment a van has just pulled up on the street, with the sign “Pulitzer Prize”. Oh dear, he asked me where the conncecting road to the Zürich motorway was. Another disappointment in my life of spectacular works of literature.

Daily Prompt: Million Dollar Queston – To blog or not to blog by William Shakespeare Hamlet

Why do you blog?

Cleaning kitchen

Because it’s there (one of the reasons I was just thinking about climbing the Matterhorn – just thinking, but someone got there first). Perhaps I wanted to blog so that I would not have to clean the kitchen, which would have been a great excuse, but the kitchen does not clean itself.

Yes, once again we are confronted with of those “Ask a silly question, get a silly answer prompts.” I mean why do we blog, we want to be famous, want to leave a mark on the world – be it a Pulitzer, Nobel or Raspberry. We want to be on the front page of The New York Times and, of course, we all want the million dollars, at least I do. Then I would no longer blog, but lead a life of comfort. However I was faced with a choice today, not a happy choice, but I had the freedom to choose.

Tomorrow is the half yearly visit to the dentist, which is now almost nine months I must add. My teeth had behaved in the meanwhile thanks to my rigid three times daily cleaning session to remove the tartar which tends to collect on certain hidden places on the teeth. There is a problem. If I visit the dentist tomorrow in town, I will clean the kitchen when I return, eat the evening meal and the blogging session will disappear – there will be no chance of a Pulitzer etc. etc. I made a decision today. I arose from my golden oldie midday sleep, ate my usual piece of cake chosen by Mr. Swiss on his safari this morning in town and then, yes, I began to clean the kitchen. All the surfaces were cleared, I mounted my ladder and began with the dirt removal.

It was then Mr. Swiss disappeared. Something about preparing the old newspapers for collection tomorrow and bringing in the garden garbage trolleys which were emptied this morning. As you can see our village is organised, everything in its right place at the right time. Although it seems strange to me that Mr. Swiss always seems to disappear when I am cleaning something.

After the kitchen was shining reflecting my face on its surfaces,  it was time to move onto the doors in the apartment. I am a believer of doing things regularly, to save time on doing things intensively. Now the kitchen and doors are reflecting the light and life is back to normal and now, yes, I can blog. I am now sitting at my faithful computer and hammering out my words of wisdom. Now tomorrow’s job is already done, I worked in advance

I am so looking forward to tomorrow’s daily prompt. I am ready for something original, never been seen before, an idea to tickle the imagination and I will have time to do it, because I cleaned the kitchen today. If I might receive one of those prompts that have happened before, I could always clean my son’s shower, meaning that I will have almost nothing to do on Thursday. except to blog. Blogging life is just one vicious circle.

Daily Prompt: Million Dollar Question – to blog or not to blog by William Shakespeare Hamlet

Daily Prompt: Singular Sensation – I am The Blogger

If one experience or life change results from you writing your blog, what would you like it to be?


Nothing much has changed since I last wrote this prompt on 12th July 2013, except for the fact that perhaps a few kilo more have added to my body weight and a few more grey hairs have appeared. Otherwise I am still the same golden oldie, queuing with the others and waiting patiently for my place in the blogging hall of fame. I once read that posthumous recognition is a great honour. The disadvantage being that I will not be there to accept my deserved award, be it the Nobel prize for blogging literature or any old Pulitzer prize, I am not fussy really. There are rumours that I might be awarded the Golden Gourd based on my results in the garden.

There were actually to be at least 20 varieties of gourds growing, but unfortunately due to the mass invasion of snails in April all my shooting stars were massacred by their 14,000 teeth and their were only the bare stalks left, except for one plant. It was a late comer, hiding from the oppressors and battled its way eventually. Admittedly they were not the most attractive gourds, but they survived the fight and are now sitting in a dish outside on the porch, until they succumb to the process of disintegration.

So what is now left? That perhaps one day some person might discover my blog, wipe the cyber webs away and find a glimmering light of hope. I have left my traces everywhere. At first they were on Yahoo 360, my beginnings. Unfortunately and probably when the Yahoo people discovered I was blogging there, it was decided to discontinue the site. It seems there were less and less people interested in taking part. Do I really have that effect on people.

So I moved on to where everyone else seemed to be moving to. A place called Multiply where I met some other refugees from Yahoo. We were a happy group with all sorts of shapes and sizes: writing groups, photography groups and even poetry groups. I do not know exactly why, but one day the owner of this Multiply place moved to Indonesia and began to invest in marketing. I decided I did not want to buy a second hand pair of shoes from Asia, or even a special offer of pyjamas. Gradually the rest of the blogging world came to the same conclusion and one day the owner of Multiply discovered that he was slowly slipping into the world of bankruptcy and so Multiply died. Luckily I had already started a back up in Blogger and even in WordPress. I quickly backed everything up in Blogger, but decided that WordPress would be my future in blogging.

Little did I know then that the blogging experience in wordPress is based on repeats, but where there is a will there is a way, and so I continued disregarding doing it all again. I always found a different approach to the problem. My Bogger site is still there surviving my backups from WordPress. You never know, never trust a blogging site, they might want to expand, throwing out their bloggers on the way and thus disturbing any chance of a well deserved prize for your efforts. Of course I am also in Facebook, I mean everyone is in Facebook. If your are not in Facebook your computer life is not worth suffering, or is it?

In the meanwhile if you are bored and have nothing better to do with your time, just make a search in Internet with the words “Angloswiss” or “Tabbynera” and you will find the story of my blogging life. Pat Gerber-Relf will do it as well, but that is the real me, the most boring part of my computer life. I just discovered that I am also listed in Google. I often have doubts that I actually exist in flesh and blood.

Daily Prompt: Singular Sensation – I am The Blogger

Daily Prompt: The Sincerest form of flattery – Yes I am a talented blogger, unique, one of the best

Publish a post in the style of a favorite author/blogger or photographer.

2015-07-16 18.51.46

“Yawn, does a stretch, rub my eyes and looks again.”

Didn’t we have this one before when I told everyone that I do not copy favourite styles of others because it would be boring and my own style being unreachable. It is really not that I don’t read what others write, it forms part of my routine. Ok, being quite honest I do not weigh every word on the scales of blogs, but my crafty eyes and wisdom tell me everything I have to know. Tell me WordPress do you read everything that appears of this grid of daily prompts? I do not even think you know what the daily theme is because they were all here once before.

You have to understand the workings of a blogging site of course. The WordPress style is “repeat everything saving time and money for our employees who are busy doing something else”. What the something else is I do not know, but it is not important. I know I am repeating myself by having a general blogger’s rant here, but I am just posting in the style of something completely different.

How do you like my flowers? They are known as Chinese Bellflowers and arrive every year, that is why I like them. Being a golden oldie I have reduced my garden to an “appear every year at the same time and place garden”. This means that back breaking work is saved by planting something completely different and hoping that it will re-appear. This type of plant is known as a perennial meaning that it has no real death sentence, and should survive for more than two years in the same place and flower at the same time. the ideal solution for a golden oldie with back problems, feet problems, bending problems and writing a daily prompt. Some time in May their little stalks appear again in the same place as every year. “Hello again” they say “we have returned, just watch us”, such friendly plants. Of course when they were fresh and new they were small complete with their flowers, almost unnoticeable. A year later they appear and shoot up in the garden again. “I bet that surprised you, we are twice as big as last year” they say, and now they have lived here for two years. According to the prospects of a perennial they should remain forever, something like the daily prompt which also repeats itself constantly.

Reflecting on the actual theme of the daily prompt, I have now had time to reconsider. Did someone complain that their individual style was being ignored, their chance for a Pulitzer prize award being stifled in its regular appearance? I know I sometimes feel like this. On the other hand if you copy my style, which I know is original, fantastic, and spectacular in itself, it might be that I become jealous and engage a lawyer to battle on the copyright problems in the blogger’s law courts, somewhere in Silicon Valley. Of course you may write about my perfect style of writing, my talent for inventing something new every day (which the WordPress grid formation team do not have) and even put forward my name for a special mention, award, even a monument in marble saying “The Blogger of them all, Mrs. Anglosiwiss, she will never be forgotten. her words leave a path of wisdom and literature wherever they go” the title being “The Perfect Blogger”.

You think I am overdoing it? Of course, I am, if I don’t my blogs will escape the attention they deserve, be forgotten and may even be rivalled by another daily prompt blogger. I now have something better to do with my time. Yesterday No. 2 son payed a visit, the one that just got married at the wedding of the year in Germany last week and I now have a further 90 photos to upload for my next super blog.

So do not forget, copy my style, give me my deserved credit and pay into my credit card account for support: details follow.

Daily Prompt: The Sincerest form of Flattery – Yes I am a talented blogger, unique, one of the best

Daily Prompt: Singular Sensation – The road to blogging success

If you could have a guarantee that one, specific person was reading your blog, who would you want that person to be? Why? What do you want to say to them?



I thought a photo of this columbine would be appropriate to mourn the loss of my recognition of being a Pulitzer prize winner for blogs. Since my last effort on this daily prompt last year nothing has happened. I wrote my usual perfect contribution but it was ignored as always by the so-called experts. Thus the photo of the columbine which is growing quite near to my home, as it is known that they grow in cemeteries, where they feel at home amongst dead matter and it seems that my writing efforts remain as such.

I am still writing on my novel “Death of a Blogger”, and as soon as it is published I will let you know. It is difficult to find words to describe the misery a blogger must endure in the daily task of writing something completely different. However I am progressing. Our favourite blogger, me, was full of inspiration when I discovered that there were new things to write about daily. I went for long hikes, crawling back to my computer to tell everyone about it. I met Bloggerman and he gave me some advice.

“Do not trust everyone that promises a daily new and spectacular theme. They will absorb your brains into a virtual world and you will be left empty, your ideas will be devoured by the prompt monster. They will be recycled and used against you in a year, when out of despair you will think of ending it all and taking your computer with you to the lost hunting grounds of the zombie bloggers.”

“The zombie bloggers?” I was shocked. My nerves were already fraying at the edges and now this.

“Yes Angloswiss, there are many of this kind. Their first enthusiasm was encouraged, their ideas were fed on by false programmers who were pretending to encourage you to blog. Once you are sucked into their world they begin to coax you with praises and even likes. Many of these likes are sincere, from your faithful followers, but there are the blog demons that invent new ideas and give suggestions which can be misleading.”

“You mean it is a trap”

“It can become one. Beware, many are the bloggers found in a crumpled heap with quivering fingers on their keyboard, attempting to include a link on their blog, or perhaps a prize suspicious photo.”

“You mean like mine?”

“Of course, you are all victims. Do not believe everything you read..”

“How do you think my chances are to escape?”

“You are already on stage 4, the road of no blogging return. You have it in your brain, in you skin, in your nerves. You are beyond help. Stage 1 is enthusiasm, stage 2 joy for every like you receive and stage 3 the road downhill begins when you notice the amount of spam exceeds the likes.”

“Is there a cure for this? I am desperate. I do not want to become a zombie blogger. I want to live.”

“There is a cure for everything. The ultimate way is to exterminate.”

“I don’t want to commit suicide.”

“Let me finish, do not interrupt. Exterminate the evil spirits that are feeding on your blogging world, let them starve and shrink. Forget them, do you own thing and above all be nice to everyone and eventually tell us all about it.”

“Just a minute those last words I recognise. You are a spy, you want my blogging ideas for yourself. You have given yourself away. You just want another blog from me.”

“You want to stop blogging?”

“No, not really.”

“Then carry on, there is something better than a blogging zombie.”

“And that is?”

“You are already there, the blogging addict.”

Daily Prompt: Singular Sensation – The road to blogging success