Writing 101 Day Fourteen – To Whom it may Concern – The Caverns of Blog

Pick up the nearest book and flip to page 29. What’s the first word that jumps off the page? Use this word as your springboard for inspiration. 

Today’s twist: write the post in the form of a letter.

I no longer have books, I have a Kindle, but even Kindle books have page numbers. I finished reading “The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair” yesterday evening, I flipped to page 29 and found “caverns”

Dear Mr. WordPress

I was at the top of the list for a WordPress Writing 101 T-shirt, showing my devotion to the art of blog. I would have been proud to wear it whilst writing my unforgettable blogs, I would have been interviewed by the local newspaper, I was becoming the star of blog.

Pingbacks have returned to the caverns of the past, I can no longer pingback. There is no longer a copy/paste possibility. I had many sleepless nights when I discovered the option had disappeared. I even mentioned this in my blogging world. I was clever and discovered how to do it again, but it was a mere copy of the original pingback option. A Grid suddenly appeared. It was a very artistic grid, I must admit,

There were times when I was driven to despair when I hid in the caverns of the WordPress Grid. There was a 0 amount of contributions showing on the Grid. An empty grid, I was alone in this WordPress world of blog. No-one was there to join me, the grid was deserted. Were we victims of the grid eating monster virus? I searched for help and found it on the WordPress forum I was noticed, I received aknowledgement and the problem was cured, the grid was working again.

All beginnings have their difficulties and now I have even begun to like the grid, cannot remember the days before there was a grid.

My only hope now is that the WordPress t-shirt in size XXL will arrive to act as a springboard for further inspiration.

With all my best blogging thoughts for a continued and happy blogging co-operation and that the ideas for a daily prompt will never be exhausted.

Yours forever blogging

Mrs. Angloswiss

Writing 101 Day Fourteen – To Whom It May Concern: The Caverns of Blog

Daily Prompt: Baggage Check or Where have all the blogs gone?

We all have complicated histories. When was the last time your past experiences informed a major decision you’ve made?

Nearly home

Seems that everyone has cold feet today, no go, and not a word written on this spectacular daily prompt. Did I miss something? Did the faithful followers of WordPress decide on a day of strike: refusing to write a word, describing all the exciting past experiences that we had and the decisions they caused? It might be that the system is not working today. The brain behind the software of WordPress has collapsed and the great new look is not looking where it should. Perhaps I have bombarded it too much with the dreaded pingbacks which no-one seems to like. Most of us are still trying to remember how to do it, the system no longer being pingback friendly.

To be quite honest, I am also at the cross roads today. I wrote a complete prize suspicious entry, checked to see if anyone else had written something and discovered that the prompt page was still empty. I also decided that I had not written anything prize suspicious to leave an eternal mark on the blogging scene, so I destroyed it, sent it to the land of recycle bin, never to be found again.

Did we all forget where we left our baggage? I must admit I have had my moments of absentmindedness from time to time. I remember when my youngest son was still in pram age, not able to walk on his own, a sort of crying/smiling/ machine. I deposited him at the entrance to the supermarket in his pram. I was not planning to desert him or forget him, really not, I just wanted to fetch a couple of items. Eventually I left the supermarket and somehow something was missing. Oh! I did a speedy return and found my little boy sound asleep amongst the hustle and bustle of the supermarket still in his pram. Honest, I did not forget him on purpose, I just forgot to pick up the pram (forgive me son). He does not seem to have carried a fear of being deserted psychosis throughout his life since thank goodness and he does not tremble when entering a supermarket, fearing never to leave again.

I have been trying to remember all my past experiences that have formed the decisions taken in my life. I wanted to get out of London and see something completely different. I moved to Switzerland, saw Mr. Swiss who was something completely different, because he spoke another language, and was Swiss, and I got married. I wanted to learn Russian and at the age of 45 I began to learn for about twelve years. I still cannot speak it fluently, but it would be enough to talk my way out of a problem, should I be arrested in Moscow for spionage. The Russians seem to have the habit of suspecting foreigners. I was in Leningrad (St. Petersburg as it is now known) at the age of 17, but they were the days when Nikita Chruschov was president and there was something going on called a cold war where all sorts of English and Russian spies were being arrested and put into prison. I found it a nice place, full of gentlemen in uniform and big hats. Somehow I probably made the decision to learn the language, but not to move to Russia.

Now and again in between I look in on the WordPress Daily Prompt Site with this new, attractive Grid system, where all our blog entries are isolated in little boxes to see if there are any brave souls amongst us that have written a contribution, but there is still nothing there. Come on Russians, you must have a little spammy entry somewhere which has nothing to do with our subject of the day? 79 other bloggers have stated that they”like this” where the title is, but somehow they do not like it enough to write something.

I have found the solution.This is the WordPress revenge because we are still pingbacking, despite the obstacles planted in our way and despite the bans and limitations imposed. An embargo has been organised, a Veto declared.In this case I think I will go, the count of “like this” has now increased by 2 to 81, but still not sign of activity. Perhaps we have all caught the dreaded “no daily prompt” virus and are sneezing into our screens with running eyes. Indeed there may be computers in many households where the owners are slumped over the keyboards, the fingers shaking over the letters but not able to use a last drop of energy to type. Is this the end of blog? Will we be rescued by Bloggerman? Read tomorrow for a further instalment in this exciting, enthralling daily prompt serial.

Daily Prompt: Baggage Check, or Where Have All The Blogs Gone?


Daily Prompt: Singular Sensation

If you could have a guarantee that one, specific person was reading your blog, who would you want that person to be? Why? What do you want to say to them?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us ONE.

Stauffacher Book shop, English dept., Bern

I do not want a guarantee for one specific person to read my blog, I want a guarantee that publishers, writers, and talent scouts for the Pulitzer/Man Booker/Nobel prize winners will be reading my blog every day. The reason is obvious, that my works of literature are read and rewarded with the prizes they deserve.

I sit at my computer in the afternoon straining my brain to find new depths of knowledge, words of wisdom and exploring the realms of descriptive words. I am a modest person basically and this is the reason why my talents go unrecognised. I really do not want to push myself into the midst of popularity, but I am convinced the time is now ripe.

The problem is mainly that there is always someone that has the idea first. I was going to write a book called “50 Shades of black” describing the life of a black stray cat that met a white Persian cat and the development of their love affair. Just as I was sending the manuscript to the Feline University Press, someone was there before me and stole the title of my book. – 50 Shades of G..y. My triumphal victory over second class literature was again thwarted and my originality was no longer original.

I then decided to publish my own page in Facebook. Admittedly this was a step down the ladder to success, but everything is worth a try. Here I was using a pseudonym (Angloswiss) but even this venture failed. I invited all my friends and some responded. I have more than 40 disciples in Facebook on this page. Ok, some are relatives, but some are not. I have almost 1,000 friends in Facebook, so where are the other 960 faithful readers of this page packed full with gems of literature. Perhaps the problem is that these 960 fans were only fans when I was playing games, hoping for an extra chance to complete a cooking battle in Café World or to farm some exclusive crops in Farmville. They just wanted to profit from my good nature, but never recognised my writing talent. To rub salt into the writing wounds, Facebook tell me that if I pay, my site will be promoted further. Pay! What an insult! I should pay for an undiscovered talent? Facebook should pay me for joining their site.

I am definitely on the wrong path with my search for fame. In the meanwhile I continue to write my daily prompt, hoping that perhaps Terry Pratchett, Stephen King, Tom Wolfe, Neil Gaiman and other such writers would stumble on my deserving efforts of blog and promote them with their publishers.

What would I say to these people? I would thank them for their recognition and give them details of my bank account to pass onto their publishers when my first works of literature appear. I would tell them to pass my blog link onto their author colleagues and to join my ever growing circle of disciples.

I will now come to a close, but do not forget. If you happen to know anyone interested in discovering a new blogging talent, especially if he or she is a talent scout for international publishers, just pass on my link and tell them to read my blog daily. In the meanwhile just look in to see whether I am still here. I might be discovered in the meanwhile and celebrating my new bestseller “Death of a Blogger”.

Daily Prompt: Singular Sensation

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Daily Prompt: A Little Sneaky

Are writing prompts a useful exercise, or do you find them to be too limiting and/or hokey?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us SNEAKY.


By reputation snakes are sneaky. Luckily I was separated by glass from this one at an exhibition in the nearby town of Biel/Bienne – see my reflection with the camera in the background?

It was a long odyssey I took upon myself before I arrived in the Elysium fields of WordPress. Yahoo 350 collapsed, Multiply went to the traders and eventually collapsed and via Blogger (which is a sort of solo act with a few spectators few and far between) I found my place in WordPress. I had actually been in WordPress for some time, just using it as a backup for my stories and poems in case something would happen. Something did happen and so I had my foot on the Blogger and the WordPress banks of the river. This exercise became tiring on my legs. Eternal splits was not my thing and then I discovered Daily Prompts. Some magical signal struck me from the computer terminal, a finger reached out and penetrated my brain, or perhaps it was just by chance that the words “Daily Prompt” were illuminated on my computer.

Actually I just happened to see it at the right time being in the right place. With my usual motto in life, you have nothing to lose; I did my first daily prompt and discovered I was not alone on my journey. There were others, lost blogging souls that had arrived at the haven of prompt, not only prompt now and again but daily. My intention was perhaps not to do it daily, but being a golden oldie, and not having anything better to do with a lost hour in the afternoon, I arrived. I soon realised I was not the only wandering deity in this world of blog. I have even got to know some other bloggers, through their masterpieces of writing. We all have a different view on the topic, but that makes life interesting. I do try to read other daily blogging prompts, time permitting.

Even my felines look forward each day to the appearance of the daily prompt on their pawpads, hoping that Mrs. Human will give them a chance to unfold their views on the human race, or bring the world of feline closer to all of us. This eventually lead to the result that I was forced at pawpoint to create a WordPress Site for my felines, although unfortunately it has been somewhat neglected. My felines prefer to play where the action is, on my blog. Now and again I sneak a copy over to the feline blog for their faithful followers.

As far as being a useful exercise is concerned, I say a big YES. Living 46 years in a country where I speak Swiss German all day, and very rarely English, I have discovered the chance to renew and deepen my knowledge of my maternal language. To be honest, now and again I look for the English meaning of the German word to complete my prize suspect blogs. Another help is auntie Internet with her supply of synonyms and antonyms, to ensure a versatile choice of words (here I am divulging the secrets of my daily prompts).

As far as being limited is concerned, I do my own thing most of the time but the prompt is there as a guide line an anchor when the seas of blog get choppy. Whether they are “hokey” or not, I am not sure, not knowing this word. The Free Dictionary on Internet tells me it means, corny, sentimental, contrived, phoney. This has complicated the problem, so I say make your own mind up about hokey. I do not feel hokey about anything here.

And now to psychologically prepare myself for the next Daily Prompt. It is twenty-four hours away, but time passes quickly when you are a golden oldie and you never know, it might be your last daily prompt. I can see the grave inscription now “She is no longer amongst us, but her Daily Prompts are still present” or something in that line of things.

Daily Prompt: A Little Sneaky

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Daily Prompt: Origin Story

Why did you start you blog? Is that will why you blog, or has your site gone in a different direction than you’d planned?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us BEGINNINGS.


When I was a kid, my dad would tease me with silly questions, one of which being “Why did the chicken cross the road?” I would study for ages to find an answer which was probably dad’s intention to keep me quiet. Eventually he would supply the answer “To get to the other side” as simple as that. So why did I start to blog. To write something of course.

I was a working woman most of my life, and as a side-line brought up a family. Some might call it multi-tasking, I just call(ed) it hard work, but it got into my system. One day I was retired. There was no-one to tell me what to do, when to do it, and give me a purpose in my life. The kids had long found that the word “mum” was redundant, only necessary combined with “Hotel Mama” or “Mum, what’s for dinner?”   I was left to myself with a wage from the government(s), both British and Swiss called pension.

Free at last to do what you want to do: this was great, but what shall I do with all this free time? I was always a computer “freak”, Bill Gates had given me untold opportunities in my life. I no longer had to do anything, like completing export documents sending goods to other countries, I could choose what to do. It was then I discovered the word “blog” and believe it or not I did not have a clue what it was. I asked Mr. Swiss, but he was too busy uploading music onto his iPod.

I discovered it was something like writing compositions in school, but choose your own way to go. As I write this I seem to have a déjà vue. Have we had this prompt before?

Anyhow I began to blog, nothing fantastic, but something was missing. Perhaps it is a character thing, but I needed an audience. I love audiences, not to clap and praise, but life can be a lonely thing when you just do it on your own. If I cook one of my super hit suspicious menus at home, Mr. Swiss is there to clap, complain, or whatever. If he claps he has a happy Mrs. Angloswiss, if he complains I suppose the idea is to do it better the next time, but he is there to pass judgement and I am there to react.

I have been through a couple of hospital visits, no major operations to be entered into the Lancet as operation of the year. They did remove my twin sister about fifteen years ago (that took three operations). I seemed to have killed her when I was born. Anyhow she just stayed as a collection of cells in my back, to start complaining in my later life and start growing again, known as teratom. I asked the surgeon if that was something completely different, but he found it now and again happens. If Stephen King had not got there before me, I could have written a book, something like The_Dark_Half.  Back to the audience, I never stayed in a hospital in a private ward, I love people around me to share every tablet, every infusion, every injection that I received. Apart from that life in a hospital bed is not boring when you have someone to talk to. Once I was in a room all to myself through circumstances. The nurse almost apologised when she said I would have to move to a general ward the next day (not more than 5-6 people in Swiss hospitals), but I was glad. It is really boring being on you own in a hospital: no-one to share the operational experience.

So back to blogging: I never had in intentions of being blogger of the year, but it is really an experience when you notice that someone gives you a click, a like, a pingback (which I still do not know how to do) or even suggest an award. I learned that if you give you receive in many ways in life. I used to be a blood donor, and when I had my big seven hour operation (to remove the twin I stifled at birth), I got a few pints returned. I used to do ancestry research, hoping to find I was a direct descendent from Queen Victoria of England. Unfortunately this was not the case, I got near to the French nobility, but my ancestors were Huguenots and they did not like them in France. Most of them found their end on the galleys, were thrown into the Seine, or had to escape from France. Such was my luck in life. On my way through my ancestors (no, Jack the Ripper was not one of them) I quickly discovered that you only receive results if you supply information. It is no good keeping secrets in genealogy, as it is then impossible to find your long lost famous and rich relations.

So there we have it, I love people, I like to keep myself occupied and there is nothing more boring than just writing about yourself, your felines, the spectacular events in your life, your achievements (where is the Pulitzer prize for blogging?) without someone to read it, to partake in your struggle for recognition in life.

“What did you say Mr. Swiss. I am overdoing it again.”

Ok, but at least I now know why the chicken crossed the road: To get to the other side? No: to give me a good start to this fantastic daily prompt blog.

Daily Prompt: Origin Story

Daily Prompt: Life After Blogs

Your life without a computer: what does it look like?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us WITHOUT.


This photo of part of my kitchen looks bare. Has no atmosphere, something like a hospital ward. It is dead, no life. Now if you could see my computer sitting on the breakfast table in the morning, it would live.

Who needs a computer? Life without one is no problem. I would arise in the morning, go to the kitchen, make some breakfast (usually cereal), a cup of breakfast tea, sit at the table and ……… Yes well, I would eat my breakfast of course, look out of the window and find the world is OK, Everything in its place, but not quite. I would have restless fingers, restless eyes and worst of all a restless brain. Switching the radio on is not the same. So where is it? The part of my breakfast life which has accompanied me since the invention of the lap top.

I have to check to find out what has happened in FB, e-mail life, and my blogging sites through the Swiss night. Did anyone actually make a click on yesterday’s masterpiece of blogging literature, did someone stray to my blog and decide their day would be incomplete without reading the wise words of Angloswiss. Proably not, but I can always hope.

There is now a further problem. There is no Blog, no e-mail, no words from the Facebook universe, because it all does not exist. I sit at am empty table, spooning my breakfast cereal and sipping tea. Something is missing. Yes, the milk stains on the black shiny surface of my beloved computer. There is no computer. Ok, no problem, of course I can be without. I stopped smoking 15 years ago, so everything is possible. Me a computer addict? Never. I would eat my breakfast with an incomplete feeling in my body and carry on with my daily housework chores as usual in the morning. Did I run the crap cleaner, the spyware doctor before closing down my faithful, trusty friend, the computer. You see, I have more time because there is no computer and all these trivial routines are no longer necessary.

“Are you ready to go shopping” I ask Mr. Swiss.

“No, not yet. What is going on? We have another hour and I am not ready to go anywhere” is the Mr. Swiss answer.

I have an extra hour, I have completed time saving without multi tasking. My housework is completed, my visit to the shower is long behind me and now I am bored. I could play a brainless Facebook game (Candy Crush is my favourite at the moment), but even this enjoyment is missing. I have no computer. Read a book – on my Kindle or iPad – ok, you know the answer.

Eventually lunch time arrives. No I do not miss my computer, because it is safely stashed away in its own little place until the afternoon if I have one. Whilst I am cooking lunch I like to have a peek at my iPad to see if ….. OK, forget it, iPad does not exist, so I just cook. After lunch Mr. Swiss and I tidy the kitchen and sit down to a coffee/tea outside on the patio (weather permitting): Mr. Swiss reading the newspaper and me, also reading the newspaper on my iPad of course (forget it, no news today, no iPad) and afterwards play a brainless game (you got it).

After a golden oldie midday sleep it is time to see what the Daily Prompt requests, ok no Daily Prompt, so I could do some knitting because I have not yet found the computer that knits, although I have forgotten how to knit I think. I could take a walk to the post office to pay my bills (no online banking sitting comfortably at the computer). A photo safari would be an idea, no computer replaces the camera, or does it? The happy hours I have spent uploading my Pulitzer Prize suspicious photos on Flickr, Picasa or whatever the programmes are called, tuning them up with Photoshop and sorting them are a thing of the past. I would have to take the film to be developed to a shop, which would mean taking a walk, the car or a bus.

I decide to read a book, but after five minutes it already weighs heavy in my hand, and turning the pages is so exhausting. I have finished my book, and will download another. Sorry, I will get dressed and visit the local bookshop, or the library to choose a new book.

Evening arrives; I have survived without a computer. I usually like to read in the evening outside, but must illuminate the porch, as my book does not have a built in light. You think that is a problem, yes it is. I am being eaten alive by the various flying blood sucking insects that have been magnetized by the lamp, so I flee inside. I switch the light on and continue reading whilst Mr. Swiss watches television.

“What did you say? The light bothers you.”

I go to bed.

Life without computer is really no problem, just a matter of getting used to it.

There would be no unemployment, everyone has something to do, the computer does not exist. Perhaps Bill Gates is working for MacDonalds selling hamburgers. We would all be talking to each other at the bus stop, just like the old days instead of poking around on our iPhones finding an interesting site to read or playing some sort of game. The world without computer does have a lot to offer I suppose.

And now to wrap up this Daily Prompt, that I wrote on my computer, whilst Mr. Swiss listens to music on his iPod. Oh, isn’t life wonderful when you are online?

Daily Prompt: Life after Blogs

Daily Prompt: Keep Out

Who is the one person you hope isn’t reading your blog? Why?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us OUTSIDE.

Nettle leaved Bellflower

Nettle Leaved Bell flower – outside in the garden at this very moment in time

Is this a sort of joke or are the daily prompt people tired of reading what we write? If I did not want anyone to read my blog, I would not blog. I would cancel my membership of Facebook, leave Blogspot (my backup blog) and cast Twitter to the Tweeters. WordPress would disappear as No 1 on my list of bookmarks. What a sad boring world that would be.

I am a blogger, therefore I blog.

On second thoughts it might be better if the British and Swiss government did not read my blogs all of the time, there might be some politically incorrect items that should not be known. I cannot risk losing my Swiss and British nationality and I am sure that Wikileaks would not help me to find another country or party to support me. Such publicity might damage my reputation in the blogging world. The secrets of how to cook a perfect rosti, or cheese fondue do not merit political asylum being granted in Russia, and diverging whether there was really horse meat in certain British frozen food products is no longer interesting. I have not yet left my mark on the world of literature, so who cares about what I have to say.

Which brings me to another point: If I do not allow all the people to read my blog the wrong person might be eliminated. It might be at that moment in time that the talent scouts of Pulitzer or Nobel decided to see why everyone some people are talking about my great and unforgettable blogging works and then I will miss my chance to become famous in the archives of the blogging world. 50 Shades of Angloswiss are waiting in the wings and I would have missed the chance to leave a mark on the world of Blog.

Coming to a conclusion: read my blog and enjoy. If it seems boring then give it a “like” all the same, it can only get better. If you are dazzled and impressed with its perfection then do not forget to give me a big “like” everywhere you can. You might be helping a future world literature Pulitzer Prize/Nobel Prize winner to recognition. I would naturally give you a mention in the Laudatio I would write about I, me and myself. Oh I am so modest.

Let us just keep blogging along, who know what the next daily prompt might bring.

Daily Prompt: Keep Out

Daily Prompt: Switcheroo

If you could switch blogs with any blogger for a week, with whom would you switch and why?

Fluffy, our blind Selkirk Rex

“No, Fluffy, forget it. Come away from my computer, no way are you going to switch blogs with me.”

“But, Mrs. Human, Nera and Tabby, my two feline groupies, said they would help me. It would be a combined effort: life from the point of view of a feline.”

Some time ago, through paw persuasion, I set up a blog for my cats, “The Cat Chronicles”, and as usual, they now want to take over; a sort of feline “Switcheroo”

“Felines, I am sure that the WordPress public are not interested in knowing where the best mice can be found, or the tastiest water is. They also do not want to know how to have a full body scratch, lick and wash.

Actually I was thinking about having a swop with Wiley, the most intelligent dog I know. He lives in Wisconsin and is a real philosopher. There are many humans that could take a page out of his blog.”

Nera the chief cat looked at me with sort of yellow daggers pouring from her eyes.

“Swop a blog with a dog, a canine? Mrs. Human, you are surfing in the wrong places. Life was better when you were playing your Facebook games, like Petville. At least the stupid pet did not exist and as they say little things please little minds. Since you stopped with those games you are reading in the wrong places. “

“Don’t worry Nera” I said “I do not think it will happen. Wiley has no time for felines. I think it might be because the felines think they on the same level as the gods.”

Tabby was annoyed. “That is not true Mrs. Human, it is a fact. We were Gods; worshipped by all. If it were not for such a superior race as the felines, your world would long have been taken over by mice and rats. You have you read that book where rats take over the world?”

“Yes, Tabby, but that was fiction and it had a happy ending. The rats died. Now we have a world taken over by humans and …….”

“You think” said Nera. “We lead you to believe such rubbish to make sure we get our daily rations of tuna and perhaps salmon.”

“You mean?”

“Yes Mrs. Human” said Fluffy. “It is all a matter of psychological training. Humans love us, you must admit. You worship us as in the olden days in Egypt in the corn chambers.”

“OK felines, so you are world power No. 1. What has this all got to do with swopping a blog. I am not swopping my blog with three puffed up felines who think they rule the world.”

“Excuse me Mrs. Human” Nera spoke. “I have often told you I am no puffed up, or even overweight, it is fluff. My wonderful silky long fur and our gift of literature is far beyond that of a simple human. Have you ever read the Garfield cartoons.”

“Of course Nera, but what has that got to do with …..”

“Garfield is the most intelligent, gifted feline that I have ever read. His blogs are perfect.”

I decided to end this conversation. I did not want to disappoint Nera by telling her that her idol was a cartoon figure and did not exist.

So the result is that I am not going to swop a blog with anyone. We all have our own style of writing and our own ideas. Of course there are blogs that I admire and like, but we all have our favourites, and not all have the same taste

Daily Prompt: Switcheroo