FOWC with Fandango: Block


I noticed these two guys renewing a roof on one of my wheelies this week, fixing the new blocks to the roof.

Otherwise the only thing that comes to my mind in the sense of the work “block” is the new WordPress system that they will be forcing us to use from 1st June. This morning, with all good intentions, I used it and my verdict is “I do not have the time to play with blocks”. There is another life next to blogging. When I opened the bloggy window on the new page, I saw that I have at least 10 various blocks to choose from. I could not longer see the screen for so many blocks. Big deal, and thenI opened another window and discovered that I have the same blocks to choose from, but just in a difference place. I spent another half an hour searching for my settings that I need when I finish a blog. I found them, but have now forgotten where they were.

Actually I found everything I needed, but because they were distributed all over the template, I forgot where they were afterwards. After spending double as much time as usual on writing a pure, simple Good Morning piece of work, I suddenly found the alternative old system. I am now writing again with the old system. No more blockheads in the way. Why complicated when it can be easy and who does this new system benefit? Perhaps the WordPress people were bored and someone had a dream.

Brick Wall 12.08.2018

FOWC with Fandango: Block