Flower of the Day: 27.01.2018 Azalea


The popular end of the year flower to have during the Christmas season in the home. It is apparently a distant relation of the rhodedendron, although a miniature version. We have something we call alpine roses in Switzerland. You find them on the heights of the mountains growing as a wild flower, also a relation of the rhodedendron and very similar.

Flower of the Day: 27.01.2018 Azalea

Flower of the Day: 22.12.2016 Azalea


Another one of those flowers that always arrives in the flower store when things are looking dull during the Winter. A spash of colour to brighten it all up. These are actually the advanced Alpine roses that grow wild in our alps, but are the household version. They develop into bushes in the mountains, if you manage to climb high enough to see them. I have, but it was a sensible mountain path and I could do it without roping myself up for safety, just a good pair of mountain boots, although those days are now gone for me.

Flower of the Day: 22.12.2016 Azalea

Flower of the Day: 08.12.2016 Azalea


Flowers are really getting scarce at this time of the year, but azalea seem to be one of the season’s favourites. There is a wild kind, known as the Alpine Rose, which actually grow wild on the alpine slopes of the Swiss mountains. I have seen them and are something special, but you have to climb to the higher places to see them, and I can no longer do that.

Flower of the Day: 08.12.2016 Azalea

Flower of the Day: 03.11.2016 Azalea


This is my last flower in the reserve at the moment, so I will have to get busy with my camera tomorrow at the supermarket. They have quite a display of azalea at the moment in various different colours. Sorry for the photo quality, but I was using my mobile phone camera which does not always focus as I would like it to.

Flower of the Day: 03.11.2016 Azalea

Flower of the Day: 10.10.2016 Azalea


Another Winter highlight in the local store. I love azalea. It reminds me of the Swiss alps where they grow wild, something similar we call Alp roses. I have seen many bushes growing in the heights. Not so difficult to keep at home, but a bit tricky with the water. Give them a good soak in water from the bottom and it should work.

Flower of the Day: 10.10.2016 Azalea