Daily Prompt: Astral


“I’m thirsty. got anything to drink?”

“Of course, have a beer.”

“In a plastic cup, you must be kidding. Makes me all sticky and they hose me down afterwards. Not very practical these new uniforms.”

“Try drinking it through a straw. We all do it like that.”

“I don’t care if you do. You do not drink beer through a straw, takes all the umph out of it. I think I must have missed something when I joined up. It said that I would have the best time of my life. New modern uniforms and new comrades.”

Well the uniforms are something completely different and there a hundreds of us all dressed the same. You will get new comrades every day as soon as the old comreades disintegrate.”

“That’s what I mean, no variations.”

“That’s because we all belong, we all have the same goal, to protect our planet in astral conflicts.”

“I don’t have a problem with that, but I havn’t seen the planet since they packed me in this plastic dress with shades on the eyes. The only light I see is when we use those ray guns and I have no idea if I score a hit or not.”

“That’s not important, the main thing is that we belong.”

“”Drinking beer through a straw? And we all look alike: black and white plastic. What was that scream?”

“I think one of us got melted by a Jedi sword.”

“See they didn’t say anything about Jedi swords being dangerous.”

“No worry, they replace us afterwards, on the production line.”

“That’s what I mean. We are all just black and white plastic and drink beer through a straw.”

“But you become famous and get to appear in the films.”

“What’s the point when all you see are bits of decapitated plastic laying around all looking alike. They did not even give me a name.”

“Of course they did, you are now a storm trooper  blurr gloogle.”

“Oh, I think he has melted, hit by Jedi sword.”

“So come on, move up the line it’s your turn now and put they silly straw away, we are here to make star wars a reality.”

“But I might get melted.”

“No problem, you will get recycled.”

Daily Prompt: Astral