RDP Wednesday: Anniversary


An extra large tin of pomodori (cooked, chopped tomatoes). It is not that I am obsessed with tinned tomatoes, or want to compete with Andy Warhol with his graphics  of Campbells Tinned Soup, I have a much better idea.

Since the attack of the hairy peas my way of life has changed. No-one expected a Sci-Fi attack to become reality and so you must adapt. As Dr. Spock or Han Solo have not yet arrived to save us all I have to take things in my own hands. Who knows how this lock down will develop? Perhaps I find that my weekly excursions to the store will stop and I must be sure that if the hairy peas do not get me first, I will not die of hunger. You can do a lot with a tin of tomatoes, and I mainly use them for my five star spaghetti sauce.

I had a brilliant idea. As I now have a deep freezer chest, cook double the amount you need and freeze half of it.  I am sure I am not the first with this reasoning, but it took a long while to develop. Buying twice as much minced meat is not so expensive, and cooking twice as much does not take longer or make more work.  You just need a bigger pan. When my delicious sauce is finished half of it will be frozen for the days of complete lock down. And if we do not have a complete lockdown, then no problem. I will have a spaghetti meal ready for an anniversary meal perhaps to celebrate the end of the attack from the invisible invasion.

Spaghetti Sauce

RDP Wednesday: Anniversary