March Photo a Day Challenge: 31. Goodbye March


March was the month of toilet paper. Suddenly there were only empty shelves of toilet paper in the supermrket. It could no longer be found. The stores had no more, although rumour had it that there were toilet paper addicts, buying all it could find. I must admit even I managed to rescue 30 rolls. How terrible to have no toilet paper. Imagine a world without toilet paper? Now the situation is normalising. It made headlines in the local newspaper that our store had four rolls to sell in the last few days, and today I even discovered my favourite toilet paper in the supermarket, 10 rolls in a paket, the supreme recycling paper.

So let us all relax, next month there will be enough toilet paper for all, but March 2020 will remain as the month of the toilet paper famine.

March Photo a Day Challenge: 31. Goodbye March