October Photo a Day Challenge: 3. Busy


Busy is a way of life. We can have as many modern appliances as we want to make the job easier. There is even now a window cleaning machine, but there are always things that need the human touch.

The best solution is always manpower, but not leading a life of luxury, I have to do it all myself. I do have a cleaning lady, as now being a golden oldie I need her for certain  jobs that a machine cannot do for me and that I can no longer do. It is a cost point, but at the age of 73 I deserve something for my years of toil.

The photo is a three times a week job, when I do the shopping for the family. These were the goods I got yesterday plus two crates of drink, each with 6 1-1/2 liter bottles, which Mr. Swiss looked after for me. I always plan “me” time at least once a day, but sometimes the “me” time suffers from acting as chauffeur for Mr. Swiss or my own doctor visits. What can you say “that’s life”. And to be quite honest, life would probably be a little boring without the busy times.

October Photo a Day Challenge: 3. Busy