My Village – Feldbrunnen, Switzerland

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24 thoughts on “My Village – Feldbrunnen, Switzerland

  1. When we travel to Interlaken we sometimes go via Basel which would take us past your village, I think. The Alps have been our main holiday destination for several years and we enjoy walking in the mountains. Switzerland is a very beautiful place.

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    • And I live in Feldbrunnen, Kanton Solothurn, but my first two years in Switzerland, 50 years ago, were spent in Zürich Kreis 3. Are you Swiss or an anglophil? I am not sure. In any case the Lake of Zürich is a wonderful place to live. Tomorrow I am off to Zürich for the day to meet an online friend from the States I have never seen in real life before.

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      • I am Portuguese, lived in England for 10 years and been in Switzerland for 2 years now! Yes is a wonderfull area to live but i want to explore more and more of this beautiful country 🙂 one day when i decide to go down yur way maybe we can meet to 🙂

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  2. Hi – I haven’t the first idea what brought me to you – maybe the name?! I’m Swiss, originally from Zürich, married to a Lausannois, live in France, am homesick for the Lac Léman but also for Devon & the friends we left there after quite a few years of the ‘quiet life’….
    Want to know more and shall try to follow you for the time being – my worsening eyesight is not permitting me too much computer time, so bear with me please.
    Kind regards, Kiki

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    • Hello Kiki and welcome.
      I have been 50 years in Switzerland, the first two years in Zürich and then I moved on to Kanton Solothurn where I met Mr. Swiss and today we are celebrating our 48th wedding anniversary. I am originally a Londoner, from the East End , docklands area and a cockney, but now speak Solodurnertütsch all day. I like taking photos and I am never at a loss of saying something on my blogs, mostly about life in Switzerland from my point of view. I have been to Lausanne a few times, not far from Solothurn – a very nice town. Nice to meet you and am looking forward to seeing you from time to time.
      Pat – aka Angloswiss

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  3. Pat; I have already read about you and even had a peek into your book….. (on Amazon)!!!
    Friends of our (who moved a lot too) have come to the Canton Solothurn last autumn – just forgot the name of their town but never mind.
    MANY HEARTFELT CONGRATULATIONS TO YOUR 48th….. This is such a rare occasion nowadays (staying married so long) that every year it really should be celebrated. Do you have a private mail address? I’d love to send you a rose too…. (our house is called The Roses)
    Long may your union continue – Félicitations, K

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    • Thankyou for your gesture to send a rose, but I never print my private e-mail address on a website. I think we only have two large towns in Kanton Solothurn, Olten and Solothurn. The rest are mainly villages.

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  4. Hi Pat; of course I would never ask your email on a blog post…. but as you surely have my address, you could send it to me, or not? Up to you to decide, I won’t take it badly either way 🙂

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  5. Sincerely i have never been to Switzerland due to fare.I can see the beauty of that place is so “wonderful” The buildings must have been build by a great planner and architecture.What a desireable place to be! Blessed new to all 2021,and wear you mask to avoid COVID19.

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