I always have a camera with me, in some shape or size. My super Nikon or my Panasonic Lumix, a small one and a larger one. And today I also have a smart phone, so no-one is safe. Living in Switzerland, there is always enough to take photos of, and on a good day you can even see the alps.

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10 thoughts on “Photos

  1. Nice pics. I’m a sucker for the mountains and mountain views. I have always wanted to travel to Switzerland. I know a few people from Switzerland and the pics they show me it seems like a beautiful country. Looking forward to seeing more of your pictures of Switzerland

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    • SoundEagle agrees with dailyshorts, and also recalls that Switzerland has been rated as the best country to live in, and Australia as the second best.

      Some of the sceneries in your photos are really quite breath-taking. Thank you, angloswiss!

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