Good Morning


It’s a rainy morning.  I could already hear the rain before I stopped hugging my bed. This morning is one of those mornings that began early and energetic, at least as energetic as I can be. Due to a dentist appointment for Mr. Swiss tomorrow morning I had to reprogram my organisation this morning and it is the morning of fresh bed linen meaning using energy. In the meanwhile the electrician arrived, another exception to the day. Why was he here. I really dare not say, but to change a lamp in the bedroom. That was never a problem in the good old days. Unscrew the old lamp and screw in the new, but today we are both golden oldies, no longer trust ourselves to climb a ladder and designer lamps and lampshades have also progressed. It was a very nice young man that came to do the job and even realised that the glass shade that he removed to replace the lamp needed a wash, although I was not really enthusiastic about washing a lamp in the middle of breakfast and my blogging activities.

Let us now hope that the day has no more surprises and it will be smooth runnings.


Yesterday the new bird visitor arrived again. It is apparently a Eurasian Jay. The last time he was too far away to get a good photo, but he was now sitting in a tree opposite, so I made the most of it. He is quite big in comparison with our other birds and really something different. I an hoping he will become a regular visitor. Up to now I have not seen him partaking in the daily food I put out. Perhaps he is a little shy.


Mr. Swiss informed me yesterday that Sunday will be the first advent Sunday. That is when we light the first candle on our Christmas wreath, although I have not yet bought one.


The look something like this, although colours of the candles tend to vary and white or red are more traditional. We light one candle each Sunday until all four are burning at Christmas. I have decided to be a little more festive this year so must hurry to organise something for next Sunday. I will even fetch one of our mini Christmas trees from the cellar. Christmas for me is just a time of the year to have a bit of decoration, otherwise spare me the stress.

And now to continue with bed making and other housewife chores. I might or might not be here tomorrow morning. I will be taking Mr. Swiss to the dentist around 10.30 in the morning and will be reprogramming. Perhaps I might do something this evening for tomorrow. Take it easy, enjoy the day and I hope that there will not be too much stress. May the health be with you.