Photo Challenge: Transformation

Lawn rolls

The quick way in how to transform earth into a ready made lawn. It is like laying a new carpet in the home. Just grow the grass in lengths and put it on the bare earth. The roots and the water do the rest. Why bother with sewing seeds that might or might not grow. All it needs is meter length of lawn.

Photo Challenge: Transformation

Photo Challenge: Experimental

There was a time, many moons ago, when I belonged to a blogging group called Multiply which no longer exists. We had a professional photographer and I belonged to his group. He would encourage us to experiment. Photoshop was on my computer, but one of the original versions, nothing ultra special, and I produced this combination of an alpaca and an Amazon parrot. I don’t think it ever flew, only on my computer screen.


Our local high school gave a concert with their band and I took a few photos. Another victim of my photoshop games. I planted the band on the piano keyboard of my son’s electric piano and gave them some music notes as a background. Just some fun photography.

Photo Challenge: Experimental

Photo Challenge: Temporary Mistletoe

Mistletoe 08.11 (3)

They have returned, yes, the clumps of mistletoe on the trees are back. Of course they are always there, no-one removes them, they belong to nature. They arrive on the trees,  by seeds from their berries. They begin to grow and absorb water and nutrients from the host tree because they are parasites. These mistletoe plants have been there for years, the tree still lives and so does the mistletoe. In summer the mistletoe disappears, although it is probably still there, but hidden by the leaves of the tree. Now the trees are losing their leaves to Autumn and the mistletoe has returned: perhaps only temporary until Spring.

Photo Challenge: Temporary Mistletoe

Photo Challenge: Peek

Railway 30.10 (4)

On Monday this week we were ready to leave our little Swiss village for a trip to the local store in another village and the train barriers came down in front of our car. We were sitting and waiting, and naturally I prepared my camera for a shot of the local train as it whizzed past. I took about 4-5 shots, but most of them disappeared into the happy photo hunting grounds except for one.

So here is the driver’s cabine of the “Bipperlisi” peeking through as it heads onto further pastures. The name of the train is locally known, the end station being Niederbipp, which comes after Oberbipp. The place is full of Bipps.

Photo Challege: Peek