One Word Sunday: Closed

We have been living through a time when everything was closed. Stores, hairdressers, and above all restaurants. In the meanwhile life has had to adapt, people have been perhaps vaccinnated and the authorities are trying to get the whole pandemic situation under control. They closed this restaurant on the banks of our River Aare last Summer. It is one of the favourites of the population of our town. There are usually chairs and tables outside and a meeting place for all in the good weather. It was an idea by a few people in our town and they organised it. In the meanwhile it is again open, naturally with the seating positioned at a safe distance. Its closure was regretted by many, it almost became a status symbol of our freedom during the pandemic.

One Word Sunday: Closed One Word Sunday: Closed

One Word Sunday: Blob

Our old town of Solothurn seems to be full of blobs, mainly on ground level. Some years ago they decided to repave the streets as in the olden Roman days with the patterns of cobblestones. I am not sure if it was really a good ides. It looks good but can be a little uncomfortable for travelling purposes and very bumpy. My wheelchair or scooter has got used to it and I know which places to avoid. Wish everyone a blobby week.

One Word Sunday: Blob