One Word Sunday: Blob

Our old town of Solothurn seems to be full of blobs, mainly on ground level. Some years ago they decided to repave the streets as in the olden Roman days with the patterns of cobblestones. I am not sure if it was really a good ides. It looks good but can be a little uncomfortable for travelling purposes and very bumpy. My wheelchair or scooter has got used to it and I know which places to avoid. Wish everyone a blobby week.

One Word Sunday: Blob

One Word Sunday: Night

I do not very often get out at night, not interesting when you are in a wheelchair or scooter for transport. However my autistic son told me last week of the wonderful sunsets in the evening when he was departing for home in town. It was more a fact report than a romantic description, being an autist, but I asked him if he could perhaps just take a photo with his mobile camera for me. He said he would and when an autist has a quest, he fulfils it. The photo above is the result of his photographic attempt. I think the only photos he had taken up to then were from various musicians at concerts.

Anyhow I was impressed not only by the night sky but from his artistic attempt. I do not know if this will be a one off for me, but I did say he could take an interesting photo for me now and again.

One Word Sunday: Night

One Word Sunday: Early

Working a full time job in Switzerland for 30 years of my pre golden oldie life meant that you had an early start to the day. Working time was from around 7.30 in the morning so you were up early. Mr. Swiss was already on his way and I would take No. 1 son with me when I drove off, as he also had a workplace.

This photo is one I took after parking in the morning at my workplace. On the right the office building and on the extreme left the railway, although it being so dark (this must have been late Autumn) you cannot see them so well. At least our company shield was iilluminated and the local lamp. Yes, those were the days.

One Word Sunday: Early