One Word Sunday: Early

Working a full time job in Switzerland for 30 years of my pre golden oldie life meant that you had an early start to the day. Working time was from around 7.30 in the morning so you were up early. Mr. Swiss was already on his way and I would take No. 1 son with me when I drove off, as he also had a workplace.

This photo is one I took after parking in the morning at my workplace. On the right the office building and on the extreme left the railway, although it being so dark (this must have been late Autumn) you cannot see them so well. At least our company shield was iilluminated and the local lamp. Yes, those were the days.

One Word Sunday: Early

One Word Sunday: Three

Once upon a time there were three trees. One of them wanted to stand on its own and made a few attempts to leave the others. He then discovered that only Ent trees walk in the Middle Earth from the book Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien and its roots were deep in the earthly earth, so it had to stay. The other two trees were happy.

“We do not need any Ents here”.one of the other trees said and his colleague agreed.

This all happened many years ago and they are still standing in the same place, although the one that wanted to go does have a slight lean.

One Word Sunday: Three

One Word Sunday: Bridge

Rötibruck Shadows 18.09 (2)

Living in a Swiss village with the River Aare running though it, we do not have a shortage of bridges. Now and again they are repaired. One of the main traffic bridges was even rebuilt some years ago, the new construction being built next to the old one. It was quite an easy task to just remove the old bridge afteerwards. Here is a somewhat different photo of this bridge, catching the reflections of the sunlight on the concrete support.

One Word Sunday: Bridge