Mundane Monday Challenge #140: Snow Arrival

Road to Langendorf 18.12 (36)

What could  be more mundane  on a snowy day in Switzerland than a snow plough clearing the sidewalks to make it safer. On my way in the car this morning I think I took about 5 different photos of snow removal. The whole country seems to be busy with clearing the stuff away that arrived in the middle of the night.

Mundane Monday Challenge #140: Snow Arrival

Mundane Monday Challenge #136: Late Afternoon Sun

Sunlight 18.11 (4)

I was sitting at the computer on the Eastside of the appartment at about 4.00 p.m. and was suddenly attracted by the reflection of the sun in the window of the opposite house. What do you do? You take a photo, or 2 or 3 and choose the best. I liked this one as it kept the darkness of the sky and our 3 year old magpie nest could be seen in the opposite tree. I do not know if it is still used, but no-one will remove it – you never know.

Mundane Monday Challenge #136: Late Afternoon Sun

Mundane Monday Challenge #135: Crows and Clouds

Crows in flight 13.11 (2)

Mr. Swiss called to say to see the evening sky this evening. As I am a member of the Cloud Appreciation Society, I decided it would be worth a few shots. What happened next surprised me. A flock of crows took flight as I was shooting a photo. What could be better: a wonderful evening sky with bird accompaniment.

Mundane Monday Challenge #135: Crows and Clouds