Good Morning

Morning Sky

This is really this morning’s sky although it looks the same as the one we had yesterday. Our Eberhard (the name of the gale blowing since yesterday) is still around and the wind was blowing through the cracks of the kitchen door when I closed it as I had the window tilted and we did not want to freeze. I never freeze, but others do especially when they stop hugging the bed in the early morning hours. I heard something about daylight saving time across the pond yesterday, so you must all be feeling very tired having an hour’s less sleep. Ours does not arrive until the end of the month. It is not my favourite one of the year because I seem to be searching for the lost hour until Autumn when it arrives again.


I did venture into the garden to see if there was anything new and noticed that the crocus I planted in Autumn when my new raised beds were created, are growing and buds are appearing.  I think they are waiting a while before they open as our temperatures are not exactly encouraging them at the moment. Yesterday afternoon I was a little annoyed with the weather.

Afternoon Sun

About 3.30 p.m. the sun arrived and pushed the clouds to one side. My time is an hour earlier if I want to go places. It is then warm enough to take a wheelie. 3.30 is too late as it already begins to get colder and I would only arrive home at 5.00 p.m. which is too late for my daily adventures on the computer at home. All I could do was to watch the spectacle from the window and wish I was out taking some photos. Perhaps the sun might arrive this afternoon, although our meteorologists mentioned snow for today, but I do not think so here. It will be more around the alpine places down south – I hope.

Today is the monthly market in our local town. I missed the last two due to bad weather and other things to do, but if I can manage it and the weather decides to behave, I might just go this afternoon. First of all I have a morning of shopping. I have postponed shopping trips now to the afternoon, with the exception of Monday so I should get a move on with my ditherings on the computer.

I have started my new book “Dreadful Company” by Vivian Shaw, so back to fantasy. It is the second book in the Dr. Greta Helsing row, the daughter of Van Helsing  of the Dracula book. Vampires do not seem to be as bad as we are lead to believe. She looks after their medical problems (as well as supplying mummies with new bones and dealing with other supernatural medical problems) and it can be quite amusing. Of course there are still some dangerous undead around, but she helps to deal with it otherwise there would be no story to tell.

I have been busy this morning and have already baked my plat bread whilst eating breakfast. I had a good breakfast of bread and honey with a cup of tea and will now make my way to the shower. A woman’s work is never done, and I want to be on my way to the store between 10 and 11 after cleaning the place up.

So let’s get on with it. My long time blogging friend, Marilyn, celebrates her 72nd birthday today – she has at last caught up with me, so I hope she is having a good day. It is wonderful to meet people in the blogging world and have the privilege of calling them friend. It all began with a few likes and comments, and now we realise we are a form of soul mates, although we come from two different parts of the world and have entirely different backgrounds. Lately we discovered that her mother resembled my mother as a young lady. So here is a virtual rose for Marilyn as I cannot present it to her personally unfortunately.


So I am on my way. Have a good day and enjoy it as much as possible-

Good Morning

spMorning stormy sky

Typical pre-Spring weather: one day sun and the next 2-3 days rain and clouds and there is a cold wind blowing. The weather report was not so favourable yesterday and the altitudes are dropping for snowfall, so it might be that we will have some tomorrow, perhaps even today. Today does not bother me but I am not keen to go shopping through snow tomorrow morning. However, perhaps we are lucky and it will miss us. At the moment I can hear the wind blowing through the nearby trees.

I am now homebound so make the most of what happens around me, which is not very much.

Crocus and Helleborus Niger

I saw some brave crocus in my garden and even my Christmas rose is still flowering.

My morning photos are all done with my X iPhone, so that are quite fresh from the morning. Just imagine me standing outside in my nightdress with a gale force wind surrounding me taking photos. I must really be a dedicated photographer. I must say the quality of the iPhone X photos is not too bad, although when I magnify them that are not as sharp and clear as I would like them.

I notice there is a guy on Facebook advertising how to make perfect photos with your iPhone camera. It should have the latest update, which mine always has, and there is a so-called live setting which enables photos that capture the various movements on a subject, like my cat yawning perhaps, or water running and giving it that fluffly appearance with a slow exposure. I had already discovered how to do this myself, but it is always good to collect more information. I noticed this guy only gives you bits and pieces and says of the untold possibilities of the iPhone camera. Evetually you get the link with more instructions and then there is the part where he wants to sell his knowledge and that is where I move on. It is not cheap approaching $100 and I have already discovered most of the possibilities myself.


Even my neighbour has flowering daffodils in her garden. Mine are still thinking about it. This was also taken with my mobile phone, but I had to spruce it up a bit with the contrast and clarity.

And now to plan my day. When I am washed and ready to face the world after my shower, I will do a little tidying in the apartment and at some time begin to cook a Sunday lunch. I would love to get out and take some photos with my camera, but it is too cold and windy and wet for a wheelie in my chair. Even the bird house is empty and I should really fill it with some food. I stopped when the weather improved, because they can find their own food then, but now it is really unfriendly and they are sitting in the tree opposite waiting for some action.

I will also now get into some action and trust you are all keeping well. If not it can only get better. Otherwise those over the pond sleep well.

Raindrops 09.03.2019

Good Morning

Morning rain

If I venture out into my front garden and hold the mobile camera up higher I get a view of the Jura mountain chain behind our village, although this morning not so spectacular as it is raining. It has been raining in the morning every day this week, but usually it clears up by lunch time and we have sunny afternoons.

The first greeting this morning was that the dishwasher did not wash yesterday evening, because someone somewhere forgot to switch it on. Sometimes we put it on automatic for two hours at 7.00 in the evening and sometimes not. We let it run in the evening for half an hour from 9.00 p.m. That is quite eaasy, our electricity and water is half price from that time on until 6.00 a.m. and they are both expensive commodities in daily life. As I write this piece of memorable daily blog the machine in now running in the background and it tells me on the screen that in five minutes it will be finished.


Our local store has at last begun to get some fresh pots of herbs for planting in the supermarket. It is the usual choice of chives, rosemary, thyme and sage of which I already have in my raised beds, but I have no parsley. I could not resist this wonderful plant and so bought one. I am hoping it will survive. It is still a little early for the snail attacks and being in a raised bed I am hoping I have it more under control. I stopped planting parsley as the snails would devour it in a night, bringing their knives and forks with them and accompanied with their 3-400 teeth. I have already used some to garnish my cauliflower


Yesterday I bought my first white asparagus spears of the year. They are imported as it is a little too early for the European produce: served with some ham it is a good evening meal and above all is not a lot of work. Just wash them, peel them and cook them for half an hour. And of course afterwards eat them.

Yesterday was a good day. I was at home in the morning and had completed my daily fun and games by 10.30 a.m. I had a pile of ironing from the linen change on the beds and managed that as well in the morning, so I had it all behind me. Usually I do it some time in the afternoon or evening. I also had time to finish my book “Eleanor Olliphant is Completely Fine” by Gail Honeyman which I found to be a very good book. Eleanor Olliphant had her problems, but at the end she was on the way to solving them. A 30 year old that did not have such a happy childhood, but eventually she got the help she needed and on the way has some interesting conversations. I can recommend it and for someone like me that likes fantasy and horror, it made a pleasant change. It seems the story will also be filmed and I have made a point to look out for the film and wonder who they will choose as the actors.

And now to today’s life. My dishwasher is now drying the dishes and I am on my way to the shower. No shopping today thank goodness I had enough yesterday. My cat needed a new bag of cat litter for her recycling tray and that is 10 Kilo heavy. Thank goodness for trolleys, cars and walkers I say, although someone has to lift it (me) into the various carrying vessels.

Crocus 07.03 (1)

Hoping for some better weather this afternoon when I hope to be on my way into town I wish you all a good begin to the week-end.

Good Morning

Alps 07.03 (8)

A bit of a dreary morning again with rain just like yesterday. Yesterday changed by the afternoon and the sun was shining now and again so I decided to get out and see what the local world had to offer. I was not feeling so adventurous so decided to stay in the village in the area where I am at home. It is on a rise so you get some good views now and again. One of the first I saw was across to the Bernese Overland which was still showing itself reflecting the sunlight. It looks quite close, but there is a vast expanse of flat land in between, including many villages and the towns of Bern an Thun. We often spent our summer holidays in Grindelwald in Summer which is about the closest you get to seeing the big three (Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau mountains).

I wheeled on to see if there was anything new to see in the village.

Feldbrunnen Estate 07.03 (14)

A lot of building began last year and we seemed to have cranes everywhere. this block of flats has now been finished. They were built for senior residents and to rent and not buy. I am sure they are the  best modern design for golden oldies, but the rental is probably not cheap. Three thousand Swiss Francs monthly is not unusual to pay today and I would say these apartments are for those with money to spare.

Feldbrunnen Estate 07.03.2019

There is of course laws which prohibit every open space being built on. This is part of one of the local farms and ready for the cows with their food trough and water tank. It is still a little early to let the cows out but they will soon be arriving. This is the friendly farmer that lets his cows keep their horns and does not have them removed from the calves when they are still babies.

Garbage Burning Zuchwil 07.03.2019

In the background of the last photo you can see one of our less picturesque places. It is outside of our village, across the river Aare in Zuchwil and is where the garbage is delivered to where it is burnt. The chimneys seem to be smoking permanently, but it never smells. Even Switzerland has to have their garbage disposed of. As you can see a river runs through it all. On our side it is our village, and on the other the next village of Zuchwil already begins. When I first arrived in this part of Switzerland I lived and worked in Zuchwil.

Clouds 07.03 (6)

There are some picturesque views on the edge of the village and yesterday the clouds were also playing their part in the show.

Eventually I wheeled my way home, it was a short tour of one and half hours, but I was glad to get out in the fresh air, although there was a cold breeze blowing. Some of the apartment blocks were now also being renovated. Our was renewed two years ago and it seems to be the idea that when the building reaches the 20 year limit the outsides are given a fresh coat of paint and reinforced. I worked out that I will be 92 years old if and when our block is again renovated if I am still here.

And today is day if the week-end shopping again. The list is made with a few qustion marks. It is so difficult to think of something new to serve to the hungry population at my table and no-one seems to have any bright ideas.

As I left my home yesterday I noticed that my front garden is coming alive with its Spring bulbs, the nice ones. I hope you all have a good week-end before you and I will leave you with the Spring greeting from my garden.

Crocus 07.03 (3)

Good Morning

Rainy Morning

Not exactly a bright and shiny day: clouds everywhere, the grey heavy sort and yes, it is raining. Looks like it will be a day at home today. My first task this morning was to remove the duvet and cushion covers from the bed. This time it was complicated. We have those duvets in two parts for summer and winter, although we keep them together throughout the year. They are two duvets clipped together with press studs and this time they decided to lead separate lives under the cover. I had the work of joining them again after I removed the cover.

Mr. Swiss is still hugging the bed, so I will have the pleasure of his later. I have a narrow time table with all this bed linen changing but all going well it will be done in time for me to begin cooking. Last time there was a small drama as it took longer as I lost touch with my timing. However, I now set my timer on my phone to remind me when it is 11,.00 am. Sounds silly doesn’t it. I am now a golden oldie, no important appointments, except perhaps for a doctor, but I am still working to a time table.  I just like to have my me time in between, although if the rain continues today I will not be going places.

Alps 05.03 (8)

Today the alps will be shrouded in mist but they are always there. As I drove home from the supermarket yesterday afternoon they were again spread out before me as clear as anything. Unfortunately my days of taking photos from the car are now gone, as you cannot drive and use the camera. Life’s routines are continuously changing. I used to go with Mr. Swiss shopping in the morning three times a week, He can no longer and so I do it on my own, but had to postpone it to the afternoon as morning cleaning and shopping do not go together.

One advantage of shopping in the afternoon is that there is no stress in the store. There are not so many customers and enough space to find stuff. Even the bread is fresh in the afternoon. I was having a look at the choice, wanting one of those lovely soft fresh breads typical of the Italian part of Switzerland and the guy walked over from the baking section (they do it in the store regularly) with a fresh batch. I asked if they were ready and he gave me one piping hot fresh from the oven. What could be better?

Bakers supermarket

I did a green pea soup with fresh ham pieces in it yesterday evening, so everyone was more or less happy. No. 1 son was at home yesterday evening and decided he would not go to the burning of the carnival dummy in the main square of town. Our carnival is now over and done with for another year. I hated the carnival when I was younger. The kids wanted to go and I had to go with them to keep an eye on things. Mr. Swiss went a couple of times at night (until the early morning hours) with the company where he worked and  I was left at home on my own in the evening being glad when it was over.

Today I am the one that goes into town during the day with my camera to take a few carnival photos. Mr. Swiss no longer has any interest in the whole show and in the evening we are always at home. Funny how life can change when you get older.

And now to carry on with the bed linen changing and the other normal daily routine. There will be no excursions today in this cold, wet unfriendly weather, although I noticed that the Japanese cherry blossoms in the local cemetery have begun to show some colour. Yes, Spring is on its way and with this good news I will leave you to your daily shores and trust it will be a good one.

Cherry blossom buds 05.03 (1)

Good morning

Breakfast 06.03.2019

The morning did not start so well due to a breakfast of toast and honey. It was one of those thin honeys that like to try and escape from the bread resulting in a very sticky table and computer keyboard where my fingers are sticking to various keys, but I did enjoy my breakfast.

Yesterday was cold and very windy, but now and again the sun appeared so I decided it was time to break out in the afternoon. In town there would be another carnival procession and I need to get away from the noise and bustle. I saddled up my wheelchair and embarked on a wheelie to the local castle on the top of the hill. I noticed with our wonderful clear sunny days our alps decided to move a little nearer and I was not disappointed.

Alps 05.03 (7)

Obviously I was using my zoom lens, but it is not so often they they appear so clear with their icy details. You can see from the left the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.

Alps 05.03 (1)

Even the clouds were playing their part in the spectacle. Again the Eiger, Mönch and on the extreme right the Jungfrau, this time from a distance. I was taking the photo from the top of the hill so you can also see the local stable farm  direct in front. I decided to move on down and see what the animals were doing on the farm. During the summer months I often visit, but since last year I had not been here.

Goats and kids 05.03 (3)

Last year they added a pair of goats to the animals which were usually running free amongst the chickens. This year they had given one of the goats her own pen and there had been new arrivals. There are now two kids as well. It was difficult to get closer and the photo is not so sharp unfortunately.

Geese 05.03 (9)

The geese were also still there and it seems to me that they are getting bigger: at least they are standing on firm feet as always.

I wheeled on, snapping away and eventually decided it was a little cold to stay too long.

Today is another shopping tour this afternoon. I had a problem yesterday as I had forgotten to get something for today’s dinner and I am not so keen on shopping in the morning: too much stress with the housework and driving off to the stores. However, we housewives are almost always prepared. I found a packet of spaghetti in the cupboard and a few tins of tuna fish with a tin of tomatoes. I even had an eisberg salad so what could be better. Today it will be spaghetti al tonno and I have parmesan cheese as well.

In the meanwhile the online shopping list on my iPhone is growing and I should now be moving on to the rest of the daily chores (such as wiping away the sticky mess from the honey), Have a good day everyone, I will be back some time later. I will leave you with a view of the castle as I was approaching the path up the hill.

Castle Waldegg 05.03.2019

Good Morning

Morning Sky

Not a very promising sight this morning, although a bright band where the sun is arriving. There is a cold wind blowing out there and I had to shut the window as it was blowing through the apartment. Gale force winds were predicted in our area around 6.00 a.m. and they have arrived. At least it is warm indoors, but only thanks to Mr. Swiss. He noticed on Saturday that our heating system (gas, down in the cellar) was not functioning and the floors were cold, as we have floor heating. These things always happen at week-ends. It is not our job to organise it, but here it seems to be nobody’s job, just one or two neighbours like ourself that bother with it. I suppose golden oldies are more sensistive.

After telephoning around on Sunday Mr. Swiss got to the right place and they sent a mechanic during the morning to fix it, which he did, so at least we did not freeze over the week-end.


Otherwise the weather more or less behaved over the week-end with a bit of blue and some sun. It was the big carnival procession in town and I could hear the music and noise from our village. I would have liked to have gone for some photos, but there are thousands of people there and no room for a wheelchair. My son went along to mix in with the fun.

I spent the day at home for a change from wheeling around in my chair.


I had a lunch to cook for all (ham, asparagus with sauce hollandaise and potatoes) and in the afternoon used up the remainder of my apples from my tree for a Swiss apple tart. Otherwise I had a half hour ironing marathon to deal with.

Today is the begin of a new week, so this morning I will be off on a quest for food in the store and this afternoon again at home. The carnival is now taking a rest on Monday as a recovery for those that were out all night, but resumes again tomorrow afternoon with a repeat of yesterday’s procession.

And I am on my way with the vacuum cleaner and to get ready to go. It is time to move on. Mr. Swiss is still hugging the bed whilst I am sitting in the kitchen at the computer – so is the life of a modern golden oldie. We used to read the morning newspaper, but I have already done that in bed onine on my iPad and I only really look at the obits – you never know.

Enjoy your Mondays wherever you are, perhaps you already have Tuesday. Our clouds are gathering and the original bright stream on the horizon has now disappeared to make way for a cloud layer.

Jura 02.03 (1)