Fandango’s February Expressions #29

Make hay while the sun shines

Crops 25.06 (4)

Our village must be one of the most satisfied and happiest places . They are continuously making hay, naturally only during the summer months when the sun is shining, and the local cows eat it all throughout the year, especially during the Winter. What could be better,


We even have happy cows.

Fandango’s February Expressions #29

Fandango’s February Expressions #27

When in Rome, do as the Romans do

Spaghetti with Meatballs

Yes I was in Rome once for a few days. It was a summer holiday and the final destination was Sorrento for a week, but on the way we had a look at Rome. I was not really doing what the Romans do, but what the tourists did and I loved the town, despite all the old ruins that were in every corner.

I eventually discovered that a life in Switzerland was the next best thing. We had the Italian food to go with it. Perhaps my spaghetti with meat balls were not the original, but I don’t do a bad pizza.


I have now been living in Switzerland for more than fifty years and can only recommend to do as the natives do. Basically you have to. No-one in Switzerland makes steak and kidney pie or puts  vinegar on their chips/french fries as the Brits do.

Fandango’s February Expressions #27

Fandango’s February Expressions #26

Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t

Halloween Mask

It is carnival time here and many hide behind their masks. How are you supposed to know who the real devil is and who is just dressed like one?

At the moment the devil we do not know is the corona virus. We have just a couple of cases in Switzerland, but who nows where it will appear the next time.  As golden oldies Mr. Swiss and I are amongst the endangered. However neither of us are sneezing and we have no symptoms, but this is a devil that is unpredictable.

Fandango’s February Expressions #26

Fandango’s February Expressions #21

 Discretion is the better part of valor

Ox 16.05 (15)

Which was the reason why I suddenly found myself alone taking this photo. Mr. Swiss quickly disappeared. I think his last words were “It’s not a cow but a bull” and decided to be discrete. How was I supposed to know, they all look the same to me, although this guy did seem to have a bit more. That is the difference between being a Swiss and a Brit. The Swiss grow up with cows in the back yard, In London we only see them if we happen to go to the country, and definitely no bulls.

Fandango’s February Expressions #21