Daily Inkling: Timely Information

Write some of the instruction manual for a time machine.
Window Covering

Our door kept jamming, we could not open it and so we called the repair man. It was a different guy because it seemed that our regular man had disappeared and no-one knew where he was. I must say the new man did look a bit strange and he was wearing a mask.

The first thing he did was to cover the windows because he said that if there was a draught it would make the work less effective. After five minutes he was finished and left closing the door behind him. He left me an instruction leaflet for the door before he went and a sort of remote control. He said all doors were now fitted with remotes and I should begin with pressing button one if I had problems.

And so I did.

There was a woosh and the door opened and I was standing in front of a guy with a gun in  his hand and cowboy hat. It was the t–shirt that bothered me with the words “Billy The Kid”, so I tried button 2.

I was knitting with a lot of other ladies and as the heads rolled from the guillotine everyone began to cheer and clap.

Button 3 was OK but it was cold in that cave and I really do not like earth tremors from the feet of dinosaurs.

Button 4 was my sort of thing as I  always liked fancy dress parties. It was the guy walking around with the head under his arm that put me off a bit, especially as I discovered it was not a costume.

I discovered the remote had a battery, and removed it and I was back at home.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door and the repair guy was back, and apologised. He said he had left the wrong remote and he gave me another one. And now I am in Athens in an arena with a fork in my hand and a lion licking his lips opposite and there was only one button.

Something is wrong here somehow.

Daily Inkling: Timely Information

Daily Inkling: C, a letter

Letter C

When is a letter C not a C?

In german it tends to become a K, although the C is hiding behind it. Catalogue = Kataloge

In French it might even become a Ç which gives it a sedilla effect as also used in Albanian, Azerbaijani, Manx, Tatar and Turkish

And in Russian? It becomes a letter sounding like an S

Yes our poor little C has been attacked, pushed around and even ignored and transferred into something it did not want to be. B(e) is still in front and A is ruling it all. Being followed by a D is also rather humiliating, but poor C. Have pity on him, he does his best but all the other languages keep wanting to change it.

Daily Inkling: C, a letter

Daily Inkling: Bump in the Night

It’s Halloween night and you’re home alone. You’re just drifting off to sleep when you hear a crashing sound in the other room. What do you do, and what happens next?

Every year the same show just because it is halloween. When I bought the house it was cheap and I should have know why, but you do not look a gift house in the door: 10 rooms and only a couple of thousand. It all began on halloween of course.

I should have known better, The whole year I have the place to myself but 31st October I have to share it with Morticia and her husband Drac. Then there is another crash as Frankenstein walks through the door, although I left the key outside, but he doesn’t care. He does not have to pay for the repairs afterwards. Not to mention the Headless horseman and his phantom horse. That horse stinks more every year, as well as the rider.   I should really not complain too much. When they all arrive with a few more of their friends, I have the best party of the year. Of course they invite me as well. There is no point of making a fuss and no-one would  believe me.

If you buy a house next to the local cemetery you have to take the good with the bad. I am glad the vampires bring their own blood. I told them from the beginning, no blood stains on my carpet otherwise they can clean the carpet before the fly off to their various coffins. Otherwise a good time is had by all, although I hate playing hide and seek with them, they keep playing the invisible game. Bumps in the night? Only once a year and if I turn up the music I do not really hear them.

Daily Inkling: Bump in the Night

Daily Inkling: Thirty-First Contact

Aliens have finally visited Earth and are ready to make contact with humans! There’s just one thing: the aliens unknowingly landed on Halloween. What happens next? 


“Let’s go, I am not staying here, no way.”

“Why what’s wrong?”

“Look out of the window. They cut our heads off and eat the contents. They are cannibals.”

“Yuck, let’s go home, how disgusting, although that human over there looks quite tasty.”

“True, Klongle collected a few humans, for dinner, but only the heads.

Daily Inkling: Thirty-First Contact

Daily Inkling: Around the Campfire


Tell us the spookiest campfire story ever! We love being kept in suspense. 

It was almost midnight and they were all tired. The campfire was dying, the last embers just a few wisps of smoke. Jack decided to smoke a last cigarette before retiring to bed in the tent. The others had gone some time ago. He was alone in the middle of the forest, the only noise an owl hooting somewhere in the dark.

His cannabis supply was enough and he decided to have one before going to bed.   Smoking them was better alone. The others always made stupid comments or wanted to share. He  discovered that he had no matches or lighter. Perhaps the others could help, but he only heard sounds of soft snoring and heavy breathing in the background and did not want to wake them, they might want to join him.  And so he sat there alone with his unlit cigarette. This was frustrating, the pull of the cigarette was strong and then he heard the sound of a match scraping and a flame appeared in front of him. At last he thought, but when he saw the hand holding the match he changed his mind. Since that evening sitting alone around the remains of the camp fire, he stopped smoking.

Daily Inkling: Around the Campfire

Daily Inkling: Curse of the Year

Sunset in Feldbrunnen, Switzerland

You’re cursed to turn into a vampire for the entire month of October every year! Tell us how this new reality impacts your normal life.

There could be a problem with the daily shopping, as I will be sleeping in my coffin in the hobby room in the cellar during the day, but I am sure Mr. Swiss will take care of it. On the other hand it might be that I would feel the urge on a full moon night and give him a loving bite in the neck, meaning that he would also become a vampire.

There is food everywhere on the streets during the night, you just have to be in the right place at the right time, although that could be a stress. I think the best method is to call in at the local blood bank: clean and efficient.

I would say avoid daylight above all. Being a vampire is really no big deal, all they do is sleep. I will have to check on the details about removing blood stains from clothing. I am sure there must be an app somewhere on my iPhone, Apple takes care of everything. I wonder how it works with the face identification. Vampires do not have reflections, I will have to check on that one.

Daily Inkling: Curse of the Year

Daily Inkling: Past Your Bedtime

Which type of scary story do you prefer: realistic or unrealistic? What fears do you think drive your imagination towards one or the other?


One of my earlier photos standing in one of my favourite places. Scared, who me? Not really, it is all in the mind. Now and again a skeletal hand pokes through the snow, but I only notice it when I hear a scream if I tread on it. I still have my long black coat which I love to wear upon graveyard visits, makes for a good effect.

I have promised myself to take a wheelie in my chair at the graveyard on 1st November, it seems to be time for action, All Souls Day and all that.

I read when I have time, which is usually before I go to bed. Give me a ghost, ghoul or vampire story and I am happy. Of course I do read other literature, but the scary stuff always has a happy end as the main characters are already dead, so what could possibly happen.

Cemetery Solothurn 20.05 (6)

Daily Inkling: Past Your Bedtime