8 thoughts on “FOTD 26th May 2023: Moss Roses

      • We got more daffodils, narcissus, crocus, and lilacs this year, but the rhododendrons haven’t budded much less bloomed. Very disappointed but they were damaged by the drought and strangled by invasive plants. They are alive, so I figure they will bloom next year if we can keep the strangling vines off them — AND we get rain!

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          • I love this weather. I just need to see rain at least once a week. Last years we went for months with beautiful weather ALL the time. By the time we finally started to get rain, I hated those bright sunny days. We have no access to city water here. We have a well. Beautiful weather without any rain for months is very bad for OUR environment. This is not usually (or what was usually) a dry area.

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