RDP Wednesday; Foggy

Growing up in London fog was a way of life starting in Autumn through the Winter. You felt your way along the street by touching the walls, and was glad for a street lamp now and again, although even they had to fight their way through the thick layers. When you arrived at your destination, you took your handkerchief and gave a good blow to remove the black particles from the smog. It was a wonder that I survived through my school days but we knew nothing different.

And now I have been living in Switzerland for the past almost 60 years but here we have a clean mist. Of course it is still dense, but there is something fresh about it. There is no smog, just thick intransparent mist, but your lungs survive. It usually arrives during Autumn and arrises from the local rivers. By Winter it disappears, but we then have the clear freezing air. We would probably miss it all, if we were living at the equator in the hotter parts of the world without Autumn or Winter.

RDP Wednesday: Foggy

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