RDP Saturday: Ties

One thing that Mr. Swiss did not definitely take with him to his golden home was a tie, I still have them in my wardrobe, but who wears a tie today. There was a time when a business man (as M Swiss was) would feel undressed without a tie, although most men found a way to avoid wearing the dreaded tie all the time. As Mr. Swiss they always had a spare tie in the desk at work, in case a special visitor arrived or a sudden important meeting was made. Silly really, so that was how it was. Today even the business men wear their jeans and Nikes to work and no-one blinks an eye.

I remember my dad. It was years ago, but if he was going somewhere, he wore a tie. If we were visiting members of the family, he wore a tie. It was custom.

I wore my first tie when I started at high school. It was part of the uniform. It had green and red horizontal stripes and I remember my dad taught me how to tie the knot, which I can still do today, although of course I no longer wear a tie although I still have it at home, as a souvenir of my school days.

And so the ties sit in the cupboard. My No. 2 son works for the Swiss government, and he took his pick from the good ties that we still had. Even they were mostly silk and had their exclusive names such as Dior or Gucci, and the prices were corresponding.

Who needs a tie today? I am sure that there are many similar collections as mine sitting in the cupoards of the grandfathers and fathers of today.

RDP Saturday: Ties

12 thoughts on “RDP Saturday: Ties

  1. I enjoy watching 1930’s and 1940’s movies (also into the early 950s) where all the women are in floor-length evening gowns and the men, even the bad guys, are always wearing suits and ties. Hats, too, were part of the uniform.

    I personally am glad ties are no longer required or are optional. I worked in quality at one time where management decided ties were necessary for people in the management staff.

    I worked around moving machinery in part of my work and the thrill of a tie getting caught in gears or other moving parts kept haunting my days and nights!

    Management finally got it straight: it’s hard to be professional if your neck is broken in an industrial accident brought about by a stupid piece of cloth! LOL!

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    • In the cowboy films it always seemed to be the villains that wore so-called store clothes. It is a few years since I wore a dress or skirt: in winter trousers and summer three quarter trousers or shorts.
      My husband now seems to be comfortable in trainers at the age of 84. It is the new uniform for golden oldies.


  2. I remember when ties were no longer required in Parliament. It was the 1970s and our Premier at the time was photographed wearing a Safari Suit which was quite daring at the time but much more practical in the Australian summer.

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