FOWC with Fandango: Housekeeper

A lot has changed since I am living alone for the past year. When Mr. Swiss was here we shared most things, although housekeeping was my department, but he would help or give advice (giving advice was his main occupation), It was a joint effort. I am not uite alone now as my son lives with me at home. He is autistic, but he has order in his room. Everything has its place. I have realised that we did not have so much order, We were both working and there was not always the time to do everything. For the past year I have been organising, eliminating what is not needed. It took a time for me to get my bedroom organised for I, me and myself, it was not really a job I wanted, but had to be done. This is the result. I also realised that it is not only the “house” part that needed organising, but the cellar part and other such rooms. I am now getting there gradually. The house part is more or less done and the extra rooms are nearly there, although there are still various unwanted objects to be removed in the next local collection. I think life will become boring, after everything has been dealt with.

Housekeeping also includes the financial side of events, but yes, I can do that now. I have dealt with all our tax matters and our bank situation. A year ago I had no idea, but with the help of No. 2 son and my bank contact man. I have everything under control (I think, I hope). It is amazing what you can learn when you have to.

FOWC with Fandango: Housekeeper

12 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Housekeeper

    • I started over a year ago and am not quite finished yet. I discovered that my husband was a hoarder. He never threw anything away. He had approximately 20 electric shavers. When he bought a new one, he kept the old one which was no longer used.

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    • Start doing it today, Doug. Throw out 21 things. Open one drawer and look for things you have no use for. Take a garbage bag and maybe a donation box and take out that clutter. It makes you unhappy. Look up Videos from the Clutterbug – or the Clutterbug podcast.
      I managed to let go of my collection of audio cassettes. Finally. I haven’t had a cassette player for over a decade, only a walkman, which I threw out, too. Then I went on to sort out the drawers where I keep my candles and candle holders. Guess what? I halved the amount of that! I still have some candles in my home, but I do not burn candles as often as I did when I bought all that excrement. I then went on to refill my lighters – and found one that was not sealing the gas inside anymore – one thing more to throw out.
      That was so liberating!

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