RDP Friday: Bull

I grew up in London and we had no cows, so the only bull I ever saw was on a photo. I then moved to Switzerland and live where there is quite a cow population. We still rarely see a bull as it seems they can be a little unprecidtable and their job is today mainly done my the vet at a special station.. One day Mr. Swiss and I were taking a walk on the outskirts of the village and we met a small group of cows. However, suddenly Mr. Swiss said we should go and he was already on the way. I was perplexed, but he spotted a bull in the herd. I though big deal, my first bull, but Mr. Swiss did not find it such a big deal. I though at last a bull can do his job. “Let’s go”were his words and so we went. It seems bulls can get a little angry. Anyhow I managed a photo of this bull, with his horns and even a ring through his nose. I would get angry as well if someone put a ring through my nose. Apart from the flies, he was such a nice bull. I just could not see a problem.

RDP Froday: Bull

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