FOWC with Fandanglo: Impediment

Need I say more. I have MS and cannot walk long distances. I rarely use my electric wheelchair as I now have a scooter where I can fit my walker onto it. That makes it easier to shop in the store. However the wheelchair also has it purpose, especially for taking photos. This photo was taken at the annual trade show in town and I caught my reflection in a mirror.
FOWC with Fandango: Impediment

RDP Friday: Bull

I grew up in London and we had no cows, so the only bull I ever saw was on a photo. I then moved to Switzerland and live where there is quite a cow population. We still rarely see a bull as it seems they can be a little unprecidtable and their job is today mainly done my the vet at a special station.. One day Mr. Swiss and I were taking a walk on the outskirts of the village and we met a small group of cows. However, suddenly Mr. Swiss said we should go and he was already on the way. I was perplexed, but he spotted a bull in the herd. I though big deal, my first bull, but Mr. Swiss did not find it such a big deal. I though at last a bull can do his job. “Let’s go”were his words and so we went. It seems bulls can get a little angry. Anyhow I managed a photo of this bull, with his horns and even a ring through his nose. I would get angry as well if someone put a ring through my nose. Apart from the flies, he was such a nice bull. I just could not see a problem.

RDP Froday: Bull