FOWC with Fandango: Tepid

Slugs love tepid weather, plenty of rain, damp and they now have the ideal conditions. I have never seen so many in my garden. They are everywhere. I got a pot of thyme yesterday, today it had about a dozen of these mini monsters munching away. I can now throw the plant away. The Swiss meteorologists are happy, we now have the perfect weather to fill up our rivers and lakes. They should ask me if I am happy. These monsters are everywhere. I have a few plants that act as a deterrent, but they just avoid them and visit the other plants. I have holes in the leaves made by their hundreds of hidden teeth.

I even found this slimy example crawling up the window and silly me takes a photo.

FOWC with Fandango: Tepid

RDP Wednesday: Cabinet

What does this cabinet hide? Mr. Swiss decided that looking at the TV was bad enough, but we did not have to look at the television when it was not being used, so he found this piece of furniture, from Italy, and decided it would be ideal. I have not looked at the television for at least a year, since Mr. Swiss is in his golden oldie home, but that does not bother me. The doors hide not only the television, but also the DVD player and I must admit I do not even know how that works. My life changed considerably since I am alone all day, and I now do what I want to.
RDP Wednesday: Cabinet