7 thoughts on “FOTD 9th May 2023: Horse Chestnut

  1. Oh, that is an interesting one. The only exotic (non native) sort that I ever met is the red horsechestnut. It is fruitless here, but I suspect that, because it is a (possibly sterile) hybrid, that it is fruitless everywhere. The very few mature specimens that I met were exemplary specimens. I still believe that it would be an excellent urban street tree. The roots of the mature specimens were remarkably complaisant. Yet, it is very rare. Anyway, the native species defoliates for the middle of summer, so is not such a good choice for refined landscapes. Also, it produces those big seeds!

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    • I once grew a tree from a conker (that is what we limeys call the fruit). Actually as a kid we used to put a string through them and have conquer fights. The conker that was not broken in the game was the winner.

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