8 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Sojourn

      • Our two cats are litter brother and sister. My husband use to deliver pizza. On one delivery he saw this cat walking down the sidewalk while he was driving to the house to deliver. He, thought, what a cool looking cat. A couple weeks later he was delivering to the same house, and out walked that cat. He mentioned how cool it looked and the lady asked if he wanted it. What happened, was a cat gave birth to a litter in her backyard, so she was taking care of all of them. But, she already owned four cats and wasn’t wanting any more. So, later I went over there with my husband to discuss adopting the cat. We decided to adopt his sister also. They both were fixed and she gave them to us for free. It was a great deal! We love both of them!

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      • I totally understand that. Our first cat is still close to my heart. We moved with her von South Africa to Zimbabwe and when we had to leave there to go to Saudi and couldn’t take her, she moved in (at age 18) with an old lady. I haven’t heard from the old lady for a while so I assume that our cat is still alive, she be going on 42 by now but she is still well and alive. I refuse to believe anything else.

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