FOWC with Fandango: Minuscule

Viewing it in the bath from my sitting position in the bathroom (do not ask me where) I was wondering if I was probably a giant for this insect with eight legs. The question was: shall I let it live or not? Basically it was doing no harm, just being a spider. Now and again it moved, but remained at the bottom of the bath. Of course I could remove it and transport it to the outside world where it might find a partner, but how. What if it moved and decided to explore my hand or arm. As much as I find it also had a right to live, I was not keen on a personal connection. I eventually decided to leave it to its own thing. I never use the bath in any case, but always the shower. Due to my mobility problems, I am no longer able to climb into the bath. This morning it was gone, I have no idea where and honestly speaking I do not want to know

FOWC with Fandango: Minuscule

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