FOTD 16th April 2023: Amalachier

It is a tree and has many names. I chose this one from the selection, but perhaps it is not the most common name. It grows opposite my appartment and at this time of the year it is full of its flowers,but not long. Afterwards we just have many leaves and a messy fruit that it is better to avoid because of its stains.

FOTD 16th april 2023: Amalachier

9 thoughts on “FOTD 16th April 2023: Amalachier

  1. ‘Amelanchier’ (with an ‘e’ rather than a second ‘a’) seems to be the common name here now. It was formerly known as serviceberry when it first became available here. My colleague was the only nurseryman growing it at the time. I know it as saskatoon, but that may apply to another species of the genus.

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