FOWC with Fandango: Nullify

We survived Covid and it seems that the population realised that the tine when shopping was a daily chore, waw no longer necessary. Ordering online became normal, so why go out and brave the crowds in the stores. And so for the past couple of years our town is slowly a dying establishment. No matter which day or time of the day, the streets are isolated. No longer the crowds.It has become a past time to do the shopping on the computer, and for everything. Not only groceries, but clothing, shoes and home goods. I was doing it before Covid, as I rely on online shopping as I cannot always get to places so easily, due to my mobility problems. At the beginning of Covid it was difficult to get a delivery as everything was booked out. However the shops have learned from this, and more people and transport possibilities were developed: the result empty streets and stores that are closing due to lack of custom. We are embarking on a new way of life. We are living a life of isolation slowly but surely. The only people I meet are neighbours now and again and my cleaning lady that visit weekly. Our town is dying.

FOWC with Fandango: Nullify

11 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Nullify

    • I keep trying to figure that out. I think actually GETTING Covid in 2022 after being fully vaccinated etc. and then having it morph into long Covid which lasted six months and still returns periodically — I think it will do that until it doesn’t anymore — I seriously don’t know my ass from my elbow in a lot of things. Pat’s right about shopping — I’m almost certain that if I went into the store I could find Gruyere again as I did the time I was forced to go in, but I don’t want to go in. Covid affected my thought processes and my physical strength — my two biggest allies. Somewhere inside I am incredibly angry, but that seems pointless. If anyone cared about me (and my anger) everyone would have been vaccinated and masked when appropriate. It was a huge revelation to me that people don’t care. Sometimes I just cry, but depression is a feature of long Covid. I am just grateful I am not working. 😦

      “Our very lives depend on the ethics of strangers, and most of us are always strangers to other people.” – Bill Moyers

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      • If anyone CARED–key word there–they would not have been so darn brazen to walk right past me in the grocery store without masks when the sign clearly states “Masks required.” But management states, ‘Don’t dare rile the customers.’ The gall! Food shopping is the last thing for me to enjoy. We have stopped going to all the large gatherings we used to, which I really do miss. I retired two weeks before Covid and thank my lucky stars for my timing. Martha–your experience with Covid is awful. And then long Covid to top it off. I think the anger is good–you need to vent somehow. I cross my fingers every time you write that you are feeling a little bit better.
        Pat is right–this is a whole new life for us. Who would ever have thought.


          • I find it almost a miracle that Covid did not arrive for me. I went shopping now and again, it was when I still had my car. Mr. Swiss was then still at home. I was vaccinated twice and then no longer as I decided enough was enough and it still didn’t knock on my door. Mr.Swiss was then in his home where there were a few cases, with a few fstilities, but he didn’t get it. I was just lucky perhaps, but I now live a very isolated life and rarely mix with others.

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          • Yes — I wonder if your MS medication didn’t somehow help you fight it off. Who knows? No one really knows much about it. I also think some people are just more likely to resist it than others. Even though I wasn’t very sick while I had it, the long Covid occurred because I have a chronic inflammatory condition so an inflammation isn’t going to go away easily. That’s why I got all my vaccines. Now? I’m not likely to get another one. I might, but I don’t know. It’s really just a big mystery.

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          • I don’t think my MS medication was a factor. It isn’t even a cure for me, just a support. My condition having MS and also being diabetic wails have not been good if I had got Covid.

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