RDP Monday: Log

i was sad wen I saw that the worker was cutting down some trees along the side of our river. I often take a walk there and the trees are part of the surroundings, However, the trees were no longer as healthy as they were and it was time to remove them for something better.

They had now been reduced to plant logs, pieces of wood and would be taken to the happy hunting grounds of logs, although perhaps not so happy. I still passed this way on my walks, and it was at least a year until the last part of the tree disappeared.
RDP Monday: Log

4 thoughts on “RDP Monday: Log

  1. One of the city councilmen here in my town proposed removing dead/damaged trees along some main streets. He later rescinded that proposal when the cost was given. It’d be awful if a dead limb fell on a car or a person just because he wanted to save money. I await the final decision on this one.

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