FOWC with Fadango: Outcry

Why did I marry a Swiss? Of course there are advantages, but also a few disadvantages. Mr. Swiss no longer lives here, but in his golden oldie home just around the corner. As he is quite near I visit him almost every day and now we have the Easter week-end, so he visited for lunch and spent the afternoon at home. He was happy to be back in his own place, but there was a Swiss outcry. The Swiss seem to have time pieces in their blood and brain and a watch is an important part of the dress code.

I gave up with such devices some years ago living a digital life of computers and iPhones. Who needs a watch? However if you are Swiss you need a watch. Without one you are lost, even undressed. Today Mr. Swiss decided to find out where his Longines watch was. Of course it was at home somewhere. This Angloswiss wife does not throw away a watch, knowing that if Swiss husband has a watch, it is not just a time piece from the local supermarket, but from the professional horologist, the expert. Most of these timepieces were bought before my time as a Swiss wife, and being British, I had no idea of the importance of a Longines, or EWC (of which Mr. Swiss has two).And so Mr. Swiss decided today on his visit to check on his Longine.

I was quite honest and said I have no idea, it must be in the place where I have all you private belongings. However after a quick search (far too quick) he had not found it. He examined our heavy metal fire proof box with important documents and a few treasures and with a disappointment and a strong suspicion that someone (me) had mislaid it there was an outcry of which I decided it was none of my business.

However after he calmed down, he re-examined his place of private belongings and lo and behold the watch was there. My honour was saved and he calmed down. He has now left for his golden oldie home, but not with the rediscovered watch. I think he just wanted to look at it and now it is again in his sacred place of watches.

I stayed calm throughout. As I said why marry a Swiss – they do tend to get excited about Swiss possessions.

FOWC with Fandango: Outcry

6 thoughts on “FOWC with Fadango: Outcry

  1. glad he found his watch, my husband has looked for stuff two or three times in a place where he thought it was at, gets mad, I say I’ll help him find it, I go look in the very place he’s look several times already just to find it. I’ve done the math – that’s happened about a 1000 times in our almost 30 years of marriage. I don’t want it to be my business, but I still go with a sigh – lol

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