RDP Monday: Rambunctious

These guys are everywhere, rambunctious, at the moment when they are not busy walking around attached to each other – probably for mating purposes.

Otherwise another word that I have never used in my life, but could cover my feelings for the Easter holiday which is somewhat out of control for me. My online ordering has completely become rambunctious, out of control and wild. Instead of being able to order in a normal way, I have to come to grips with a week without a Friday and a following Monday. My daily eating habits are now completely out of their usual routine. I eat something small for midday and cook for myself and son for the evening meal. Friday we will be eating a full lunch and Monday as well, meaning that my small meal disappears at midday and I must compose something for son No. 1 and myself for the evening. Son No. 1 likes to take his time in the evening and I am also not bothered with times, so we will have to come to grips with another timetable. On top of this disruption I have just seen that my online grocery deliveries have a restricted delivery service this week, meaning that everyone will be bombarding the service.

I have now ordered my groceries for delivery on Thursday morning, instead of Friday, and have covered the week after next until the next Friday delivery. What a stress, and of course it will be costing more. How I have become to hate the Easter holidays. I never really liked it as I remember when life was normal, the Saturday in between was one stress in the store as everyone was buying as if the famine was about to break out. Christmas is not much better, but you can buy in advance and freeze it. Jesus you do not do ur any favours with your life style.

RDP Monday: Rumbunctious

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