RDP Sunday: Influencer

If I bought everything that I was offered, I would be penniless by now. Since our isolation days of Covid, the internet has exploded with offers, we are leading an online life. Special offers are a daily occurrence, but what is so special about them.. I buy what I need which is usually food and keep an eye on the prices. Clothing has become a non item for me some time ago. I know what I want and I have what I need, and changing my clothes because it is the newest thing is not my idea. As I am a little restricted in mobility I am a computer buyer, online, but that doers not mean that I buy everything that is offered.

I switch the computer on in the morning, perhaps my telephone or iPad and the daily offers are already there. Where I really have to laugh is that the various ladies are sure I need a friend and offer their services: but why me. I think the reason is that my name Patricia is shortened to Pat and the ladies probably think I am a Patrick so the offers arrive daily, even with photos. Are there really idiots that fall for this rubbish.

Now I think I will have an egg for my evening meal, but even the chiuckens are looking for customers at the local chicken run.

“Flury Eggs dierct from the farm – Feldbrunnen (next to Castle Waldegg)”. I even know most of the chickens personally.
RDP Sunday: Indluencer

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